Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret on Neflix's "The Crown" Season 2

Netflix Unveils Teaser For ‘The Crown’ Season 2, With Naughty Prince Philip (VIDEO)

“The Crown” returns to Netflix on December 8, 2017 and the streaming service just dropped its first teaser for the new season. Among the highlights are glimpses of Jackie and John F. Kennedy, a seductive Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby) and a defiant Queen Elizabeth (Claire Foy).

As the queen says with hurt and disgust, “I’ve learned more about humiliation in the past three weeks than I’d hoped I would in a lifetime”. Her closest counselor tells her, “You married a wild spirit. There’s no point in taming him.” Ouch! As the old saying goes, money doesn’t buy you love, and we know it doesn’t buy fidelity.

It’s not just Prince Philip (Matt Smith) who has her feeling like anything but a queen. In the teaser, you can see that Queen Elizabeth is disgusted with the inability of the men who served as the country’s prime ministers to “lasted the course”, as she says. She’s a woman who puts a premium on dignity as well as a steady hand.

Season 2 of “The Crown” brings us a deeper dive into the Prince and his upbringing. We only met him as an adult, courting Elizabeth, but according to the creative team, his childhood should have indicated a complicated adulthood.

As you can see in the photo above, Princess Margaret is styling and posing.  Last season, Margaret had to accept marriage to someone other than the love of her life, to save a crisis that in the opinion of all who are supposed to know, would surely have created a crisis for the monarchy as well as Great Britain. Can she make up for that by marrying photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, or by living a more glamorous life than her sister might want to tolerate?

“The Crown” season 2 premieres on Netflix, this December 2017. ¬† Image/video credit: Netflix, used with permission¬†

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