Jeremy Guilbaut; Brendan Penny; Rachael Leigh Cook in "Summer in the Vineyard"

Preview Hallmark’s ‘Summer in the Vineyard’ Why Can’t Anything Be Easy? (VIDEO SNEAK PEEK)

“Summer in the Vineyard” airs Saturday night August 12 beginning at 9 on Hallmark Channel. It’s a follow-up to the first film that brought together Rachel Leigh Cook and Brendan Penny as Frankie Baldwin and Nate Deluca, both of whom claimed the rights to a vineyard in Napa Valley;

It turned out so well, both personally and professionally that they chose to embrace the situation and moved forward together as co-owners of Sorrento Farms as well as romantic partners. It’s now summer and it’s where the rubber meets the road for wine makers.

It’s “Summer in the Vineyard” which means it’s time to bottle the first vintage and the timing couldn’t be better. The Taste of St. Madeleine is about to take place, where Frankie and Nate’s efforts will be judged by top wine critics, as well as the public. They know it can make or break their reputation and the financial viability of their business.

Working with a partner is always tricky, sometimes made more intense when partners live together. Risk tolerance is one of the most divisive issues, if not handled properly. This is when loving one another while running a business can be disastrous. Frankie is the more cautious of the two, and Nate is more comfortable going up to a line and if necessary, crossing it.

If there is no way to resolve differences like that, business partners break up. When they take it home, well you know what might happen, right? However, this is Hallmark Channel and a movie about the love between two people who began their relationship years ago at school. Here’s a hint: in the sneak peek preview clip posted below, Nate says, “It’s not just about the wine. It’s about the heart.

“Summer in the Vineyard” airs Saturday night August 12, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT ¬† ¬†Image/video credit: Crownmedia US, used with permission

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