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‘Million Dollar Matchmaker’ EXCLUSIVE: No Relationship? Get Off The Phone, Says Patti Stanger (VIDEO)

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“Million Dollar Matchmaker” is all new tonight on WE tv, as Patti Stanger welcomes two new clients to the Millionaire’s Club. This week it’s author Devina Kaur, a sex crazed dating addict who’s obsessed with hooking up with men on Craigslist and Peter Curti, a gay millennial entrepreneur who has never been in a relationship.

Maybe he should put down his phone for a moment, right? Yes, Peter is one of those eligible singles missing out on interactions with potential dates because he’s staring at his phone rather than seeing who is around him. In an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek, Patti calls him on that bad habit.

Does Patti have to be right?  Maybe Peter is a snob, and he’s not interested in the guy riding the golf cart transporting him around the club, or the bartender serving him a drink. Either way, however, he’s missing cues and potential dating partners. That will stop or he’ll be booted. Patti doesn’t take any guff, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Stanger’s got a brand new, luxurious location for her club and the grounds are dotted with eyes in the sky a/k/a security cameras. It’s the Luxe Hotel in the hills of Bel Air, a fitting setting for a millionaire’s club. Sometimes you have to wonder if it’s too nice for her clientele.

Speaking of that, client two, Devina is a handful. At least when Patti confronted Peter he listened and gave her the feeling that he was considering her advice. Not so with the Craigslist-obsessed lover. She and Patti get into a screaming match the moment they meet. Who’s got Stanger for the win?


Well, well, well, now that turned out well, didn’t it? Peter was willing to be instructed on how to go out, look at and for people of interest and spend time with them without having his phone turned on. He took advice from Max about fashion and he got to the cocktail party looking and feeling great.

After mingling, Peter chose one of Patti’s faves, the young man who also came out at 19 after attempts to date girls in high school. They connected about that and were attracted to each other. Peter chose bowling as the activity date and after all was said and done, he checked out with the man who turned his head around.

Devina calmed down after the row with Patti, but didn’t have much hope for a fun time at the party. She tired quickly of making small talk and encouraged stripper Scott to liven things up. Scott was included by Patti as a test, and in her book Devina failed. Never one to back down from a challenge, Patti refused to allow Devina to choose Scott as her date.

Instead, she chose a nice guy who owned a string of ice cream stores and who took charge of his life after topping out at over 500 lbs. He charmed Devina who was impressed with his transformation. He sealed the deal with her by saying she was “50 shades of gorgeous”. All of a sudden the brash, over-the-top woman became almost shy.

She apologized to Patti for doubting her and sweated out her date’s decision. Would he choose to check out with her or leave her alone. While he did come get her for a joint checkout, we learned at the conclusion of the episode that they hadn’t dated again, but were trying to arrange to do so.


“Million Dollar Matchmaker” airs Fridays on WE tv, beginning at 10 p .m. ET/PT    Image/video credit: WE tv, used with permission 

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