Chantel and Pedro: "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?"

’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’ Recap: Pedro Wants Wedding, Will Chantel Show Up?

If couples aspire to appear on “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?”, and one half is from a culture that values improving financial conditions of family back home, no matter the effect on the couple living in America, then let’s hope they watched this episode.

In “I Do’s and I Don’t’s” Pedro and Chantel went three rounds in the presence of his mother and sister. Mom lied to help her daughter escape from the accusation that she called Chantel a bitch. Chantel was surrounded by two women fighting to defend their culture, and ready to be as profane and defamatory as possible to chase Pedro’s wife back to the U.S. She sank to their level, and got nowhere.

Pedro actually made some sense, letting Chantel know that both of them were guilty of the same sin, allowing their families to dictate the terms of the arguments. He closed the door on cameras and took the lead on ratcheting down the rhetoric. He called both their families “stupid” and declared that he wanted his wife to have the perfect wedding. It will be up to her to stand him up at the altar, because he’s putting on the tux. Unfortunately it doesn’t change things at home, and money going back to his family.

The backbone of “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” and its original format, were Danielle and Mohamed. For three seasons they came together then quickly unraveled. They accused each other of horrible things, and Danielle’s need for revenge grew. This season the only question left was whether or not a judge in Ohio would dismiss the annulment filing and grant a divorce instead.

Mohamed believed he would be vindicated and that “truth” would prevail. Well, not exactly, since there’s plenty of truth on both sides. He was less than romantic once he arrived in America, and took off after the wedding, claiming he had job interviews in different states. Then he used social media to demonstrate all the “friends” he made while traveling.

He claims it was in response to learning the truth about his wife’s criminal record and debt situation. The arguments, physical altercations and nastiness began and Mohamed moved away. Unfortunately Danielle followed and police got involved on occasion. He could be the worst man in the world, but without proof he defrauded the system Danielle won’t get him deported, which is now her mission.

Loren did make it to her conference where she was the keynote speaker. Young people with Tourette’s were the target audience. The purpose was to use her as a living example of someone who overcame and fulfilled her dreams. She got as much out of the off-stage interaction with the kids as they did.

She even got support from a dad of a daughter with Tourette’s when she spoke about Alexei’s freak out over the possibility his kids will suffer as well. Speaking of Alex, he surprised Loren and arrived just moments prior to her speech. It meant so much to her, and he admitted that he knew he’s hurt her with his response to the possibility of his children being afflicted. They’ve grown into a wonderfully close couple.

Paola landed in New Jersey for the music video shoot and showed the producer the outfits she hoped would suffice. He wasn’t encouraging, and said he never dealt with a model/actress whose husband had more to say about the clothing choices than she did. They need to get views on social media and to do it, the sexier the better.

Russ said he wouldn’t allow lingerie, and of course that’s what they offered her to wear. Her guilt and fear of crossing that line caused her to vomit prior to the shoot. It took any joy out of it for her. It’s a culture war between an open and freely sexual person married to a conservative one. At least Russ moved to Florida and is willing to give some. Can Paola do the same?

“90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” airs on TLC, Sundays at 5 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: TLC, used with permission

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