Danielle, Adam, Blayke, Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Parker and Riley Busby go for a ride in their wagon.

‘Outdaughtered’ Season Finale: Can Danielle Get Any Busier and Survive? (VIDEO)

“Outdaughtered” ends a very busy season tonight on TLC. In the episode, “The Busby’s Newest Addition”, we find that there’s one more thing Danielle Busby wants to fit into her schedule. The cycling studio is about to open for business and she is itching to work more than she expected.

Danielle is a woman who stays in shape, as we can see. She’s come up with ways to get in some exercise at home, and in the video clip below, watch her take the lead with Blayke and Adam joining in. So, it’s not surprising that the studio has an allure for the busy mom of six. If you add in the fact that she and Adam are investors and part owners, being hands-on makes a lot of sense.

The issue is where in the daily schedule does it all fit? As Adam says, his wife makes it look smooth, but something gonna’ have to give for her to work more at the studio. In addition to the studio opening and the usual quints maintenance, there is a big parade in town and the babies have been asked to serve as grand marshalls. Now that’s going to be a sight to see.

“Outdaughtered” has taken us on a journey with the Busby quints and their parents. Danielle and Adam are not just coping with the expense, the medical issues (Hazel is going back to the eye doctor) and chaos. They are knee-deep in Adam’s counseling for depression and anxiety, something that has brought them even closer to each other.

In real time, not TV episode time, the Busbys have been very busy with the effects of Hurricane Harvey in their home town of League City. There have been many social media posts and videos of them working in the community, and specifically to help Mimi clean up after her place got hit hard. They are a socially aware couple, as well as good parents.

“Outdaughtered” airs its season finale Tuesday September 12 beginning at 9 p.m. ET    Image/video credit: TLC, used with permission 

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