Holly P part of "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team"

Why Wasn’t Holly P Cut on ‘DCC: Making the Team’, For Her Lies and Fraternization?

UPDATED: Team at 36, Kelli threatens more could go…who? 

Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones was voted into the HOF and the ladies are scheduled to perform at the enshrinement ceremony. When Kelli and Judy tell the DCC candidates that being part of the team is much more than cheering at games, it’s about things like this.

When we last left Kelli, she was not happy about how the talk went with Holly. At first the DCC vet lied about her involvement with someone on the football team. Then she realized Kelli had the info and began to apologize, but without a lot of remorse. Holly tried to excuse her behavior, but ultimately just shut up and listened.

Kelli said she didn’t like working with someone she could no longer trust. That doesn’t bode well for Holly, right? Let’s see how it all goes down tonight on “Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team”. Preview, here.


“Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” aired its week six of training camp episode, and unlike other seasons, no one was cut. The big question today is if someone should have lost her job. Holly P, a veteran DCC as well as her group leader Jenna were spoken to by Kelli and Judy about their part in a breach of the team’s rules.

Members sign a contract that says, “Absolutely no association is allowed with any players or coaches…”, and while it’s quite broad, there is no mistaking it. Clearly, if there is an event when the football team is thrown together with the cheerleaders it doesn’t apply, but even then, fraternization, unless part of DCC duties at that event are prohibited.

Word bubbled up to Kelli and the last quarter of the episode was spent dealing with the rule-breaker and the person who allowed it go on. Jenna was chastised for her lack of leadership. Kelli expected that she’d be forceful enough to keep Holly from continuing to break the rules. If that included a threat to reveal what she knew, it should have been done, in Kelli’s opinion.

Jenna was punished by losing her opportunity to perform at the Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony, as Cowboys owner Jerry Jones received the accolades he so richly deserved. Whether or not Jenna maintains her leadership role is up in the air. Holly suffered the same punishment, but nothing else. That is the issue being debated today.

Holly lied to Kelli and Judy, but gave up quickly when she realized the ladies knew more than she thought. Then she tried to get technical about it being a breach of her contract. Maybe because she had ceased the activity, or because it wasn’t done repeatedly, but for that we’ll need to wait until someone wants to tattle on Holly.

We’ve seen Kelli look for help from Judy during office meetings, but usually it’s when Ms. Finglass is on the fence about a cheerleader candidate’s ability to make the team. This was cut and dried, and Holly admitted to her actions, yet Kelli couldn’t pull the trigger and looked for Judy to chime in, at least to back her up on how egregious a situation it was. She got nothing.

Perhaps that’s why Holly wasn’t fired that night. Fans have chosen to believe it’s because Holly is one of the best dancers on the team. We’re perplexed about why Jenna wasn’t taken down a peg for being unable to find a solution to the problem after multiple talks with Holly. Leadership is about strength and doing what’s difficult, not what’s easy. Kelli is troubled by the feeling of mistrust she has when she looks at both women.

What are your thoughts on Holly and Jenna?

“Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” airs season 12 episodes Thursday nights on CMT, beginning at 10 p.m. ET/PT    Image credit: CMT, used with permission

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28 thoughts on “Why Wasn’t Holly P Cut on ‘DCC: Making the Team’, For Her Lies and Fraternization?

  1. If a DCC breaks the rules and especially veterans, they should be cut. If they aren’t cut it is a bad reflection on the management of the team and a bad example for other DCC candidates. The rules are in black and white.

  2. Agreed. Keep her because she is one of the best? it makes both Judy & Kelli look weak. They are putting off the inevitable, Holly will/should be cut from the team. Judy seems like a woman you shouldn’t cross and it was so obvious Holly was lying, right to their faces!!

  3. I shared my opinion on other sites, but I’ll share it again because I feel strongly about it.

    Holly’s portion: if this was a one time only slip, okay, I can swallow that! Humans = Mistakes! It’s how many of us learn the best. My issues come from the nerve she had to look dead in J&K’s faces and lie her ass off instead of being a grown-ass woman and accepting responsibility for her choices and actions. I have a 20 year old daughter. I can say with no hesitation that if the rules I put in place had only hollow threats behind them, she’d probably be knocked up, no self-respect and no respect for me as her mom!

    Then flip to the other side which is the complete lack of respect for her group, her group leader, the DCC brand and the players involved. They didn’t give a sh!t about how this may impact others.

    Now to Jenna… I’m on the fence. If I am to believe just half of what is written in blogs, comments and articles, this instance was not the first time the contract has been breeched. Many comments about the same two DCCs, similar behavior last season.

    If that is true, then the blame shouldn’t land at Jenna’s feet. Yes, technically these young ladies are adults but that doesn’t mean you suddenly get some grand understanding of leadership. I’ve not found any mention of management or leadership courses, info, etc.

    If this stuff started last season, then Jenna practiced precisely what she was taught by K&J! That is an extremely difficult position to be in. Yes, Jenna was group leader, but she’s also Holly’s teammate and friend. And I agree with Jenna’s statement. If everyone is going to go out and play in the ‘big girl’ world, then Jenna is right, she can’t force Holly to do a damn thing!

    All of this because a DCC vet didn’t give a shit was impact her choices would have on others. It’s an obnoxious display of what type of ‘friend/teammate/dancer’ Holly really is. When it comes down to it, I’d rather have Satan as friend/teammate… at least with satan I know what to expect.

    The fact K&J turned a blind eye again to this BS underscores what they really hold important for this team…. and that’s really disappointing! I think I’ll stick with the football games!

  4. Jenna and Holly have been my favorites since their rookie seasons. I hope the talking to they got from Kelly opened their eyes, and they realize what they could lose

  5. I will say this again! Kelli and Judy should have addressed this with her privately and not on TV for ratings and have the world call Holly a liar and be the judge and jury. I have read many comments filled with hate and condemning those girls. How can they ever live their lives with the world on their shoulders? No one is strong enough. Just how many young girls have committed suicide from online bullying? This is same thing!

    • In my opinion this should not have been aired. What I came away with after Judy and Kelli’s little reprimand is this: Tattle and backstab your teammates. Since Cassie (Judy’s daughter) is no longer on the team, I am sure their source of information has dramatically dried up. The girls on that team give the impression they would run over any teammate to get on Judy and Kelli’s good side. And how is Jenna responsible for Holly’s behavior?? Kelli and Judy should stick to the rules and apply them, no exceptions. But, they haven’t in the past and probably won’t now.

  6. Palease! These girls aren’t even paid (well pennies) for the top notch entertainment they provide while the CowBOYS are overfed, overpaid, and overmedicated. At some point this BS scame and double standard has to stop. There are far more important things in life for these young ladies to worry about than the ridiculous games that J&K have to play.

  7. Holly should have been cut and Jenna should have her team leader role taken away and given to another veteran. Rules are rules. Two veterans were cut in the beginning and I’m sure they would have loved to still be there. To me this was blatant disrespect of the Cowboys Organization and Leadership.

  8. There is no plausible excuse for breach of contract. A football player found in violation of a contract is cut, no exceptions. Why should a cheerleader be spared? To suggest that age played a role is a farce. Finglass, and Trammell are complicit with the breach themselves for not terminating both Jenna and Holly. Finglass and Trammell have lost all credibility and placed the organization as a whole in jeopardy by allowing Holly and Jenna to remain. Neither cheerleader showed remorse, neither was contrite. Fifty plus years of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and their shinning example just went down the drain on national television.

  9. both holly and Jenna were sleeping with players. Jenna was sleeping with the quarterback which is why to went light on her. they both should have been sacked imo

    • Hmmm, good info. Thought Jenna’s breach was not getting the person in her group to behave. Guess if she was misbehaving herself, she didn’t have much incentive to get Holly to stop.

  10. Number one everyone has very good points. But the LAW IS THE LAW. SHE IS ONLY 20. YES they both are supreme dancers and I will not stop watching the show, although I have been watching since the show started and these girls are put through HELL. Don’t get me wrong , I understand why because they have to keep their bodies perfect and look spectacular at all times, but I will say when the girls are put on the spot and gotten called out on camera and in front of everyone and totally embarrassed to fix something, why take them back in the office and humiliate them again for the same thing? That has always has tripped my trigger. In my opinion, if they broke the rule, it is insubordination , just like any other job, because it is a paying job. The younger society now a days needs to learn what life is really about and learn about respect, self-discipline, honor and being a good role model in life.

  11. What is the big deal if the cheerleaders date the players it doesn’t apply to the football players holly will be missed she was the best dancer and performer on the squad I can’t remember when I have seen a beautiful cheerleader and an awesome dancer they should reconsider and bring her back Kelly and Judy are no angels and they should forgive and forget !

    • The players have their own rules. There is nothing about a player being cut from the Cowboys for “fraternizing” with a cheerleader that we could find. We’d rather doubt a play would be cut, but perhaps there was a discipline that wasn’t made public.

  12. I have read all comments and I have to say I Agree with most all of you. I have watched the show from the first season. The show has opened my eyes to how dedicated, talented and intelligent these ladies are. I watch them and think if the football players were made to follow the same strict rules and get paid the same amount of money for the privilege of being called Dallas cowboys would we have a better team? I agree Holly and Jena should have been spoken to privately but they may not have had a choice if the network that films the show got wind of it first they may have inforced their on tv contract on Kelli & Judy to follow it through on the air. I agree that dating players or employees would be an easy temptation due to all the long hours they all work, having the same hangouts and hours and they would have more in common. I agree Holly was a favorite she is a talented dedicated dancer but I also think she will have more open doors due to her talent and personality then close doors due to her contract breaking. I agree she is twenty and young and more temptation are open to her than most twenty-year-olds and I agree this has been going on for a while by not just her I am sure. What they really need is paid housing allowance and better pay so they don’t have to work two jobs but on the other hand working two jobs is probably what keeps most of them out of the player’s hangouts. My last agree with is Kelli and Judy have a very hard job and even though I don’t agree with all the talk to after calling them out I do think they are very talented and good at their jobs. I am surprised though that an NFL team haven’t offered them Coaching positions if they had we would have more American loving respectful young men playing.

  13. My opinion is that this happens more often that not with the players and cheerleaders. They are in the same area and space and live in the same city. I am in no way a fan of the DC but I did like to watch the girls perform because they are excellent dancers and performers but it also discourages me a bit because you see the strict guidelines and restrictions that are put on these girls.

  14. If this is the first time she has done this a two games suspension should have supplies . the other young girl is way too young to know how to handle something of that situation think Judy and Kelly both were wrong But I am older and wiser than they are , unfortunately they lost one terrific dancer and it looks like they might be getting rid of another one and that’s sad I love watching program but now it’s going to be harder and harder to get a handle on these two women As an old
    Southern lady I think a little more attic it needs to be brought in to the cheerleaders .
    Sincerely yours
    Mrs.Andrea Kunert

  15. Jenna was NOT sleeping with a player..fyi. She got reprimanded for turning a blind eye to what Holly was doing (fraternization with a player).

  16. Holly was the best, and probably no one will ever replace her. However, she did sign a contract forbidding fraternizing with players…and drinking underage??? Not role model material! I also agree that reprimanding her on the air was bad judgement on Kelli and Judy. Shame on them!
    On the same episode that announced Holly’s departure, one cheerleader made reference to her living in Massachusetts with her boyfriend. Again, is this a role model that depicts America’s sweethearts?
    Maybe Kelli needs to look into ALL the girls and their backgrounds. See if they stand up to the DCC name
    I will miss Holly considerably. Thank goodness for reruns.

  17. Everyone has a good point, but Holly broke her contract. Holly should of been let go right away, yes she is young but she chose to sign the contract and new what she was doing.
    Holly was a wonderful dancer and very very sad to see her go.
    Jenna should have come to Kelly and Judy after repeated talks with Holly did not help. Group leaders have a job to keep up the high standards set for DCC.
    For the issue being on TV, the ladies know this is part of making the Team show.

  18. Jenna, for some reason only she knows, threw Holly under the bus. Was it calculated ? Doubt we’ll ever know. Jenna, as leader, crawfished on her responsibility to Holly, squad, Kelli & Judy then wanted to shrug her part off with ‘specifically, I feel I can only say so much’.
    Wake up ! Something smells. Did she set Holly up ? Why didn’t she report underage Holly after 1st bar trip where players were presemt AND Jenna there, fraternizing. It smells.

  19. I dint like Holli as shes aa readhed and we knows how theys can be. She a good dancer and all that but that still don make it right. Jenna shoulda say something when she knows but whatever Holly do is what Holly do. Kelly and Jedy should knows better that these jus young girls who aint knows better

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