Holly P of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team

‘DCC: Making the Team’ RECAP: Holly P and Jenna Follow Up, How Does It End?

UPDATED with recap below and RECAP of latest: team at 36, Kelli threatens three other ladies.

“Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” resumes tonight, Thursday October 5 on CMT. In “The Next Step”, there’s anxiety floating everywhere at DCC training camp. TVRuckus.com covered the season and last week we pondered the question of why Holly P wasn’t cut for breach of her contract with the team. Here’s the recap of the Holly P discussion with Kelli and Judy.

Holly P broke the rule about cheerleaders being prohibited from “fraternizing” with members of the football team, whether players, coaches or otherwise. First she lied to Kelli and Judy when questioned, then she quickly backtracked. But, she didn’t fall over herself apologizing, since she attempted to make it seem like her activity was not worthy of note because it didn’t go on for long – at least according to her.

The problem for Kelli was one of trust. How could she believe Holly was telling the truth about the extent of her rule-breaking? Was the veteran cheerleader worthy of trust in the future? Kelli rightly saw the problem and at the moment chose to suspend Holly, sitting her for the big performance in Ohio at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Will there be more to come on Holly’s status tonight?

The reason that this episode of “DCC: Making the Team” is fraught with anxiety is illustrated below in the sneak peek video clip. Training camp is winding down with people still to cut, on-field entrance routines to get right and the usual new choreography to learn. It makes both cheerleader candidates as well as DCC management jumpy.

Then there’s the issue of how the heck Judy reconfigures all the dancing formations due to not only Holly’s absence, but her team leader Jenna’s. Time is ticking for the DCC performance in Canton, Ohio. Jerry Jones was voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and DCC are part of the enshrinement ceremony. Losing two women from the formations is driving Kelli and Judy crazy.


Updated after Jenna’s new trouble with Kelli! 

So…that was quick! We were spared having to wait to learn Holly and Jenna’s fates. There was no scene in the office between the women and Kelli, and just a few seconds of film with Holly leaving the Cowboys facility.

Holly P resigned from DCC and Jenna was still around, but lurking near practices for show group and the performance in Ohio. She actually got Judy annoyed at one point. Jenna was replaced as the point of the dance formation triangle and was good about congratulating her substitute. Judy made it clear that it might not be permanent, but she wasn’t ready to talk about how Jenna might crawl back into her previous position.

Many fans (check our comments section under the original episode) objected to the original office meeting being filmed, calling it unfair to the ladies who broke the rules. The rest of the story was carried forward off-camera. How ya’ liking that?

The rest of the show was chaotic. Practices were harsh, ran late in the high summer heat in Texas and featured Judy more than we’ve seen her all season. The comic portion of the program was Judy kicking off her heels as she stood on the field, sinking into the turf, complaining about her feet swelling. According to her it was over 100 degrees in the evening and she hoped no one saw her!

The entrance routine tripped up a number of rookies and at least one veteran. There were multiple office visits, but only one cut. Poor Brennan had gone as far as she could go, and Kelli acknowledged her efforts. She had come back stronger this season with more style points, but sometimes doing your best just isn’t enough.

Knowing that there’s nothing you can do to make the team has got to be a crushing moment. Brennan was given a way to feel better about herself when Kelli said she might have made it if they had one more open spot. It was the same week in training camp as last year that Brennan was bade farewell.

She took it like a champ, but those wounds will take a while to heal. It’s the end of a dream and those don’t die quickly. What did you think of the episode and how the Holly P dismissal was handled?

“DCC: Making the Team” airs Thursdays on CMT beginning at 10 p.m. ET/PT    Image/video credit: CMT, used with permission 

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3 thoughts on “‘DCC: Making the Team’ RECAP: Holly P and Jenna Follow Up, How Does It End?

  1. I mean, this DCC stuff is starting to get to me. Just the standards that Kelli holds for these girls is almost unattainable. They can’t even be people, or voice any concerns about anything. The ONLY one that gets away with that was Cassie trammel because she is Judy’s daughter.

  2. I think Jenna was PUNISH for nothing.she did nothing wrong kelly and judywas wrong.the bar is set to high for them YOUNG ladies. So what if they talk to a player its nothing wrong with that.what you do on your own time should be your own business.judy and kelly stop being hater and to hard on them ladies.

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