THE VOICE: ‘Instant Save’ for Kat, Too Painful?

THE VOICE trimmed its roster to the top 10 after last night’s live results show using the typical online, text and iTunes vote totals and the very painful and final moment Instant Save technique. Watch a video about how it works. After the names of nine of the 12 remaining singers were announced as moving … Read more

Has Greed Overtaken MOONSHINERS Jeff & Mark?

Greed has taken over at least two of the regulars on Discovery Channel’s MOONSHINERS. One thing that has always been a plus in the show MOONSHINERS is the way they discuss the heritage of the practice. Moonshiners today can be making family recipes that go back over 100 years, as they step into the shoes … Read more

ABBY’S ULTIMATE Preview: JoJo’s Gone, Cindy Still Screaming

ABBY’S ULTIMATE DANCE COMPETITION features the final four dancers tonight in a show with an Alice in Wonderland theme, entitled “Down the Rabbit Hole.” It allows Abby Lee Miller to scream, “Off with their heads” at some point in the episode, which is nothing more than she usually says in other words. Abby knows that … Read more

MOONSHINERS, PORTER RIDGE: Fun Night in the Backwoods on Discovery

PORTER RIDGE is back on Discovery Channel with new episodes, and tonight, well, the heat is on Terry. And, as is always true with Terry Porter, crazy circumstances lead to equally crazy—maybe straight-out insane—outcomes! This week, Terry has a run-in with the police. According to Discovery Channel, in episode “The Heat is On”: “When a police … Read more