The Newsroom Preview: Nina Howard gunning for Mac (VIDEO)

Nina Howard and Will McAvoy are a couple. That much we know from a brief scene in an early season episode of HBO’s The Newsroom. Nina took a late night call from MacKenzie McHale and as she sauntered out of the bathroom we learn she’s at Will’s penthouse and the two were getting busy. Nina … Read more

Tweet with ‘Grace’ Tonight during ‘Cedar Cove’ on Hallmark! (VIDEO)

Fans of the new Hallmark Channel original series, Cedar Cove have been giving it a big “thumbs up” with their dedication to the new show, and the stars of the show have been returning the love by taking to Twitter on Saturday nights, tweeting with fans. So far, fans have had the opportunity to tweet … Read more

Exclusive ‘Jungle Gold’ Preview from Discovery Channel on TVRuckus! (VIDEO)

    Fans of Jungle Gold on Discovery Channel are cheering on George Wright and Scott Lomu as they begin another run at finding gold in Ghana, Africa. They seem to be willing to do most anything—but is it worth life, limb and family? George and Scott are trying to impress their new partner, bringing … Read more

Gold Rush: Hoffmans Heading to the Jungle, but Will Fans Follow?

Team Hoffman has abandoned the Klondike for Guyana, South America, on Discovery’s Gold Rush; will fans follow? For a few brief moments, it looked like Todd and his merry men would be heading back to the Klondike when Todd’s mining contact, Marshall, led them to a gold-rich site—one that actually turned out to be a … Read more

Talking Bad After Breaking Bad, Sundays on AMC (VIDEO)

Can’t get enough of Breaking Bad? AMC has a way to keep the juices flowing immediately following the show. It’s called Talking Bad, a sixty-minute gab fest with guests from the show hosted by Chris Hardwick.  It’s all about hashing out plot points, debating them and just wallowing in all the “badness” from the previous … Read more