THE AMERICAN BIBLE CHALLENGE Grand Finale: Devoted Divas, Rhymz with Grace, Bible Belts

The Game Show Network has found a keeper in Daytime Emmy Award nominee, THE AMERICAN BIBLE CHALLENGE. A fun, spirited game show, THE AMERICAN BIBLE CHALLENGE¬†celebrates the Bible, its teachings, relevance and place in American culture. Plus, it not only picks up on that game-show craze that Americans so often love to challenge themselves–and each … Read more

CEDAR COVE Returning to Hallmark with Two-Part Season Premiere (Video Sneak Peek)

Fans of Hallmark Channel‚Äôs original series CEDAR COVE are no doubt thrilled that Season Two of the hit series is returning this weekend. Stars Dylan Neal and Barbara Niven have been tweeting up the premiere, and fans can look forward to more ups and downs with Olivia, Jack, and everyone who comes in contact with … Read more

NEXT GREAT BAKER: Jersey Boys Betrayed By Own Team

NEXT GREAT BAKER hit a high point in the latest episode, “Buddy’s Winter BBQ”, as the two large teams produced such great cakes for the challenge that no one was eliminated. A six-foot hot dog cake and a four-foot high hamburger cake were so well done, including all the little details of toppings and toasted … Read more

UNCHARTED: Jim Shockey Searches for Buffalo Tonight in Papua New Guinea (Video)

Fans of Jim Shockey are welcoming the original Outdoor Channel Series, UNCHARTED. Shockey and his team are pushing themselves to reach beyond limits and goals that were previously deemed impossible to obtain. Viewers get a close-up view of travels from the glaciers of the Arctic Circle to the tribal marshlands of Papua New Guinea, taking … Read more

ROYAL PAINS: What is Emma’s End Game in the Hamptons?

ROYAL PAINS was new last night with the episode, “Everyone Loves Ray, Man” and Emma, the Lawson’s teen half-sister continued her lies and question dodging. We also got a glimpse of another potential threat to the family as Ray Mazzarino, the imposing Jersey guy, and presumed mob member, may have conned Evan into a business … Read more