Shark Week Premiere, June 26.

SHARK WEEK Gets Discovery Channel Waters Churning Tonight with ‘Tiger Beach’ Premiere! (Video Preview)

It’s here! That week out of the summer that all shark lovers wait for anxiously begins on Discovery Channel tonight, as SHARK WEEK starts off with an all-new special to get the waters churning. SHARK WEEK is television’s longest running and most anticipated summer event, and it returns to Discovery Channel tonight, Sunday, June 26, … Read more

SHARK WEEK 2016, Discovery Channel

Swim with the Sharks When SHARK WEEK 2016 Hits Discovery Channel Waters in June! (Video Preview)

UPDATED: SHARK WEEK 2016 gets swimming on Discovery Channel; read more! Discovery Channel fans, the event you have waited on since last year is on its way back in June: SHARK WEEK 2016. This highly anticipated summer staple will once again be splashing its way to viewers, with all-new compelling, eyebrow-raising, not to mention jaw-dropping, … Read more