"60 Days In" season 3 in Fulton County Jail, Atlanta, Georgia.

’60 Days In: Atlanta’ Season 3 Finale: Who Decides To Stay Another 60 Days In Jail? (VIDEO PREVIEW)

“60 Days In: Atlanta” wraps up season 3 Thursday night May 11 on A&E with a two-hour finale. The volunteers wrap up their time in Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail. Will all participants be released? This season, innocent participants were plunged into the dangerous world of incarceration in Atlanta. With five times the number of inmates … Read more

Fulton Country jail inmates on "60 Days In: Atlanta" on A&E

’60 Days In: Atlanta’: It Gets Real Tonight For First Five at Fulton County Jail (VIDEO)

“60 Days In: Atlanta” began its new season last week and tonight the first participants in the program are brought to the Fulton Country Jail. A&E teases that the five volunteers in the program are, “…immediately met with drug use, sexual behavior and what it feels like to be locked in a cell for 12 … Read more

60 DAYS IN on A&E, Season 2.

’60 Days In’ on A&E: Are Undercover Inmates Really Necessary in the Clark County Jail?

Tonight on A&E, fans will continue taking a closer look at the American justice system with “60 Days In” and “Behind Bars: Rookie Year.” But, are the pseudo-inmates of “60 Days In” really there for the good of Clark County Jail or just there for a TV show? Things are not going that great for … Read more

60 DAYS IN, A&E. Sheriff Jamey Noel.

’60 Days In’: Will Sheriff Jamey Noel Lose 2 of His Fake Inmates Tonight on A&E?

Season Two of cable’s #1 non-fiction series, “60 Days In,” continues to follow eight fake “inmates” tonight on A&E, but that number may be cut by the time the night is over. And, on “Behind Bars: Rookie Year,” Ariel takes a big step in her prison education, guarding a death-row inmate. As fans know, “60 … Read more


‘Behind Bars: Rookie Year’: Lilly Is Disrespected & Intimidated by Inmates Tonight on A&E

Tonight on A&E, viewers are going behind bars, with two of the network’s hit series, “60 Days In” and “Behind Bars: Rookie Year.” More than 100 cameras capture the action on “60 Days In,” documenting the pseudo-inmates’ every move. Living among general population is already turning out to be harder than some of the cast … Read more