‘Behind Bars: Rookie Year’ Premieres Tonight on A&E Following ’60 Days In’ (Video)

Tonight on A&E, fan-favorite hit series “Behind Bars: Rookie Year,” which follows correctional officers during their first year on the job, premieres Season Two. It will follow cable’s #1 new non-fiction series, “60 Days In,” which features pseudo-inmates planted to obtain insider information at the Clark County Jail in Indiana. “Behind Bars: Rookie Year” features … Read more

60 DAYS IN, A&E, Monalisa.

’60 Days In’: Are the Fake Inmates of Season 2 Even More Uncomfortable to Watch than the Season 1 Graduates? (Video)

The reincarnation of “60 Days In” premiered on A&E this week, and viewers met the eight men and women who will be acting as inmates, yes, over a 60-day period … if they can make it. Some seemed more likely to make it than others; at least one seemed more focused on bringing the entire … Read more

60 DAYS IN on A&E, Season 2.

’60 Days In’: Season 2 Premieres Tonight with New Fake Inmates; Will They All Cut It This Time Around?

Tonight, the hit series “60 Days In” returns to A&E, with a whole new batch of participants. These pseudo-inmates will be trying to last, yes, 60 days in the Clark County, Indiana, jail, to glean any inside info they can for Sheriff Jamey Noel, to make his facility a safer and more secure place for … Read more

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’60 Days In: Where Are They Now?” Special: Robert Proves Even More Obnoxious Six Months After the Fact

UPDATED with new season from ATLANTA: First 5 get locked up in Fulton Cty Jail Last night on A&E, fans of “60 Days In” got to catch up with the cast from Season One. It was interesting–less drama–and was a reminder to everyone: In the end, these are real people. The cast seemed relaxed, ready … Read more

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’60 Days In’ Season One Special: Find Out ‘Where Are They Now?’ Tonight on A&E (Video Sneak Peek)

UPDATED: Recap the “Where Are They Now?” Special here on TVRuckus! In one week, A&E hit series “60 Days In” returns with Season Two, with more civilians posing as inmates, trying to get the scoop on what is really happening inside the Clark County Jail in Indiana. But tonight, take a step back and catch … Read more