Aleksandra and Josh, Season 3 90 Day Fiance

90 DAY FIANCE Season 3: Watch Josh and Aleksandra Who Fell In Love on Mormon Mission (VIDEO)

This may be a first on 90 DAY FIANCE, and we’ll learn about it when season 3 debuts on TLC this Sunday October 11. This very young couple, Josh and Aleksandra met in Prague when he was there as a Mormon missionary. She was a student there, but her family home was in Russia. They … Read more

Alexei and Loren, 90 Day Fiance Season 3

90 DAY FIANCE Season 3: Watch Alexei and Loren Explain Their Love Story in Israel (VIDEO)

Alexei and Loren are one of the couples we’ll learn about when 90 DAY FIANCE Season 3 premieres on TLC Sunday October 11. As Loren tells the story, “It wasn’t love at first sight, but it was attraction at first sight”. Alexei saw her get off the plane when she got to Israel and he … Read more

Melanie and Devar, Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance

Melanie and Devar 90 DAY FIANCE Season 3: Casting Tape That Got Them Chosen (VIDEO)

90 DAY FIANCE Season 3 will present Melanie, 33 and Devar, 28 as one of six new couples on the show, and it isn’t difficult to understand why they might be a lightning rod for criticism. They are an interracial couple with Devar a Jamaican citizen employed as a lifeguard, while Melanie is a single … Read more

Nikki and Mark Season 3 90 Day Fiance

90 DAY FIANCE Season 3: Mark, 58 and Nikki, 19 Casting Videos, Listen To Them Tell Their Story

Season 3 of 90 DAY FIANCE premieres Sunday October 11 on TLC. Six new couples have utilized the K-1 Visa process and perhaps you’ve seen quick clips of a few. TVRuckus has the casting tapes supplied by the network, used to decide who will make the show. There is footage of the two individuals that comprise … Read more

Chelsea and Yamir

Winners, Losers in 90 DAY FIANCE: Where Are They Now? Special

Updated: TLC doubled down on Anfisa abuse of Jorge in season 2 “Happily Ever After” Well, what did you think of the “Where Are They Now?” event that recapped the progress or lack thereof of the 90 DAY FIANCE season 2 couples? Only four of six couples participated and TLC announced up front that Daya and … Read more