Atz Lee & Jane Wrangle Octopus on ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER

Octopus and ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER; who knew? They hunt a lot of different creatures on Discovery Channel’s Alaska: The Last Frontier. Most often, they are going after bear, deer, sometimes a bird or two. But octopus—that was a new one. Apparently, the creatures are good eatin’—mmmmhmmmm. They are hard creatures to catch, hiding under … Read more

Kilchers Live ‘Circle of Life’ on ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER

ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER is definitely “the real deal.” It may even be too much of the real thing for some Discovery viewers, in fact. Since this show with the Kilcher family debuted, it has always been upfront and realistic about what a “self-sustaining lifestyle” involved. But, last night, viewers got a really great overview … Read more

Kilchers Break Out of Winter Cocoons on ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER

The Kilchers sped back onto the scene last night on the Discovery Channel, and it looks like ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER is going to be a wild ride once again. Cabin fever had taken over the Kilchers after about eight months of the deep freeze, but in the premiere they were breaking out, working outdoors … Read more

ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER Returning with Kilcher Craziness Sunday (VIDEO)

It’s time to get back with the Kilcher family on Discovery Channel’s ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER. This has to be one of Discovery’s best “Alaska” shows—and, believe me, I watch all of them! But, Otto, Atz Sr., and their respective families, they are just so much fun, and they obviously know what they are doing. … Read more