Eve, baby Findlay and Eivin Kilcher on "Alaska the Last Frontier"

‘Alaska the Last Frontier’ EXCLUSIVE: Eivin Builds While Atz Lee Goes Solo (VIDEO)

“Alaska the Last Frontier” is all new Sunday night January 22 on Discovery. As the season winds down, we get a look at what members of the Kilcher family are up to as the weather changes, bringing winter to the homestead. The episode is titled “Hunting Season”, but there’s much more going on. In our … Read more

Atz Lee Kilcher on "Alaska: The Last Frontier"

‘Alaska The Last Frontier’: Jane Took Down Deer With Atz Lee At His Cabin

“Alaska The Last Frontier” pushed ahead the story of Jane and Atz Lee’s ultimate confrontation, while we got to spend a good amount of time tagging along with family members as they hunted deer for winter protein. The story that gave this episode its title of “Gold Rush” was about Otto’s form of payment for … Read more

Atz Lee & Jane Kilcher on "Alaska The Last Frontier", Discovery Channel

‘Alaska the Last Frontier’: Will Atz Lee and Jane’s Marriage Survive Refusal To Move ?

Updated: Do Jane and Atz Lee spend winter alone? Season finale recap “Holy crap”, is Otto Kilcher’s way of realizing he made a mistake and that’s not unusual on “Alaska the Last Frontier”. The Kilchers are daredevils, but not just for sport. On the latest episode “Winter is Coming”, we jumped into some dangerous activity … Read more

Alaska: The Last Frontier, Discovery Channel, Otto Kilcher

‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’: Otto Told To Shut The ‘F’ Up, By Youngest Son August

Otto Kilcher can be a pain in the backside, but when he gets choked up about his kids you know he’s just an old softie. On the latest “Alaska The Last Frontier’, titled “Bracing For Change”, autumn was in the air and the Kilchers scrambled to get things done during shorter days and cooler weather. … Read more

Atk Kitcher with brother Otto Kilcher looking for perfect Christmas tree on "Alaska The Last Frontier"

Jane Sits Out Kilcher Family Christmas Gift Exchange on ‘Alaska the Last Frontier’ (VIDEO)

How do the Kilchers celebrate Christmas? We got a glimpse of that on the latest episode of “Alaska the Last Frontier”. In the Christmas show, “Homesteading for the Holidays”, we began by tagging along with the patriarchs of the family, Atz and Otto as they searched for and cut down the perfect Christmas tree. In … Read more