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APPALACHIAN OUTLAWS Recap: Ginseng Season Ends, Is Sam Lunsford Out of Business?

Last night, the APPALACHIAN OUTLAWS on History Channel wrapped up their ginseng season–and they did not take the bullying of the Lunsford gang without a fight. Perhaps “bullying” is not the right word for the criminal acts of Sam Lunsford and his followers. But, you can just imagine all of these guys when they were … Read more

Appalachian Outlaws

APPALACHIAN OUTLAWS Season Finale: Will WV Ginsengers Close Strong or Finish Broke? (Video)

UPDATED:  Recap Season Finale! It has been a season of lots of lows without many highs for the ginsengers on History Channel’s APPALACHIAN OUTLAWS. And, tonight, on the Season Finale, everyone is scrambling to get what little ginseng might be left for the taking–especially top West Virginia buyer Tony Coffman. Fans of the show will … Read more

Appalachian Outlaws

APPALACHIAN OUTLAWS: Can Obie Crack the Lunsford Gang’s Secrets Tonight? (Video)

APPALACHIAN OUTLAWS continues its rampage through the mountains in a desperate hunt for ginseng during the short legal season. No one is having as great a season as he would like—do they ever? But, for some, the looming end date is more of a threat than to others. Last week, fans watched as Obie Bennett … Read more


APPALACHIAN OUTLAWS: Will ‘Sengers Begin Pushing Back Against Sam Lunsford Tonight?

Something is going to have to give in the Appalachian Mountains. The hunt for ginseng is in full-swing on hit HISTORY Channel series, APPALACHIAN OUTLAWS, and this season the ‘sengers are truly living up to their name as “outlaws.” Beyond just poaching, this season has morphed into a true crime-wave, with pounds of ‘seng worth … Read more

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APPALACHIAN OUTLAWS: Will the Lunsford Gang Take Ginseng Frenzy Too Far Tonight?

The ginseng season is short. And, of course, there is only a limited supply of the high-dollar root to go around, making it the target of many plots and schemes of greedy ‘sengers. Fans of APPALACHIAN OUTLAWS on History Channel have to be wondering by now just where some of the show’s notorious poachers will … Read more