Maneka and Mayur of season 2 "Arranged"

‘Arranged’ Season 2: Bonus Scenes We Never Got To See in ‘Re-Arranged’, Why Was That?

FYI wrapped up season 2 of “Arranged” with a look-back special titled “Re-Arranged” and unlike a more typical “Where Are They Now?” episode, it presented us with something that highlighted each couple’s lighter side. Yes, they have those and it’s a shame we had to wait to see them. There were precious few nuggets of … Read more

Taylor and David on seasom 2 of "Arranged" on FYI Network

‘Arranged’ Season 2: More Trouble, Then Abrupt Happy Endings. Satisfying?

“Arranged” concluded season 2 with “In a Family Way” and while there is one episode left, it will be a compilation of scenes that were not included in the ten shows that concluded last night. Update: After watching “Re-Arranged”, don’t you feel manipulated by previous episodes? The one-hour was edited in a way that didn’t … Read more

Taylor and David on "Arranged" Season 2

‘Arranged’ Season 2: Taylor And David Need An Intervention, Counseling Isn’t Enough (VIDEO)

Taylor and David finally see someone about their troubled marriage on tonight’s episode of “Arranged”, titled “Where’s the Love?” It’s not Melba and it’s not her mom. A neutral third-party gets the opportunity to listen to the two of them go through a litany of complaints. With the deadline fast approaching for Taylor to go … Read more

Ben and Vicki, Season 2 of "Arranged"

‘Arranged’ Season 2: Ben Asks Vicki To Cut Back On Lattes and Makeup, Really (VIDEO PREVIEW)

On the next episode of “Arranged” season 2, there are plenty of adjustments and misunderstandings between the new couples. Living together and forging ahead as a unit, rather than two individuals is difficult at best, but when two people don’t know each other for very long, it can get ugly at times. (Note: Last week’s … Read more