Emily Riedel & Zeke Tenhoff, Bering Sea Gold, Discovery Channel.

BERING SEA GOLD Video Preview: Dangerous Digging Rocks ‘The Clark’ Tonight!

It’s a short season this year on Discovery Channel hit series BERING SEA GOLD, but the miners are all doing their best to make things work to their advantage. The biggest thing they must remember? Work fast. Second biggest? Get it right. Tonight, the teams are sweating the big stuff as well as the small, … Read more

Emily Riedel & Zeke Tenhoff, Bering Sea Gold, Discovery Channel.

BERING SEA GOLD Video Preview: Can Zeke & Emily Together Possibly Succeed with Their All-Female Rookie Crew?

Tonight on an all-new BERING SEA GOLD on Discovery Channel, what is already proving to be a difficult season for some is going forward, just as it always does with this gold-hungry crowd! There are a lot of changes taking place this season. One big one is Emily working with Zeke Tenhoff, her former boyfriend … Read more

Todd Hoffman, Jack Hoffman

Reality Alaska Style: Our Top 10 Favorite Shows from the Frozen North in 2014

There are a couple of trends in television right now that do not seem to be on their way out anytime soon. The first is, of course, reality television. For all of the complaining people do about it, the viewer demand for it is high, so it certainly will not be going anywhere in 2015. … Read more

BERING SEA GOLD Season Finale: Who Are the Winners & Losers of the Hunt for Riches? (Video Sneak Peek)

It has no doubt been a long season for the miners of Discovery Channel’s BERING SEA GOLD, but whether the gold is flowing or the haul is short for the season, there never seems to be a good time to stop dredging for the season. Tonight, however, stop they will, as the Season Finale brings … Read more

BERING SEA GOLD Preview: The Fever Grows as Diving Continues Under the Ice (Video Sneak Peek)

BERING SEA GOLD features Nome, Alaska, a town full of the fever—gold fever. But, gold mining here isn’t like the regular ol’ mining most people do from the ground, digging foot after foot of dirt to find the precious yellow metal. No, this gold sits right on the bottom of the Bering Sea, and the … Read more