Toni Braxton on "Braxton Family Values"

‘Braxton Family Values’: Toni Braxton’s Career vs. Love Life, Only One Is Perfect (SNEAK PEEK)

Tonight on “Braxton Family Values”, there is more fallout from the vacation to Mexico in the episode “There’s Something About Mommy”. You know that isn’t done, right? An unspoken truth is revealed and Toni has to answer for what she did. Miss Evelyn’s head snaps up as she confronts her daughter in the sneak peek … Read more

Tamar Braxton at family dinner in Mexico with Daddy on "Braxton Family Values"

Who Attends Vince’s Birthday Party After ‘Braxton Family Values’ Mexico Drama? (VIDEO)

Updated with recap posted below.  “Braxton Family Values” continues its explosive season with an episode titled “After the Storm” airing Thursday night May 18 on WE tv. The family, except Evelyn, are still in Mexico after last week’s divisive and emotional dinner. Daddy and Wanda attended and the conversation went to the heart of what … Read more

Tamar Braxton on "Braxton Family Values"

‘Braxton Family Values’ Recap: Daddy Plays Victim, Crushes Tamar and Trina With Truth in Mexico

“Braxton Family Values” exposed the most raw and private moment between Daddy Braxton and his daughters during “The Other Mrs. Braxton” and their lives won’t ever be the same. Trina and Tamar were the most emotional, ending the dinner at which they came face-to-face with their dad’s wife Miss Wanda. All the ladies’ abandonment issues … Read more

Tamar Braxton on "Braxton Family Values"

Watch Tamar’s Deleted Scene From ‘Braxton Family Values’ Mexico Vacation Show (VIDEO)

Update: Showdown with Daddy and wife turns ugly, devastates Tamar and Trina Get ready for tonight’s bombshell episode of “Braxton Family Values”. We pick up where we left off with the family in Mexico on vacation, just as Daddy Braxton and his wife arrive to stir things up. Tamar invited Daddy, but nothing was said … Read more

Tamar Braxton "Braxton Family Values"

‘Braxton Family Values’ Recap: Selfish Tamar Creates Chaos At Family Vacation

UPDATE: Showdown with Daddy reveals his selfish, soul-crushing truth What’s with Tamar? We could always ask that, but it seems like she’s going off the rails on “Braxton Family Values”. In the episode “Donde Esta Daddy?” she was over-the-top about inviting her father to Mexico, despite her sisters silently happy he was not with them. … Read more