BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES Video Preview: Tamar’s Son Changes Her Mood

BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES is all new this Thursday night and the family enjoys a peaceful meal, for one of the first times this season. Usually the family album causes a commotion as Tamar battles Toni, or all her sisters about how to go about producing the collection of spiritual songs. Tamar has a big hand in … Read more

BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES in LA: Traci’s Bombshell News (VIDEOS)

It’s a big night on BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES as Traci, Towanda and Trina move to Los Angeles to work on the family music project, but the disagreement between Toni and Tamar continues about production of the album. As if that weren’t enough to deal with, Traci and hubby Kevin are in the midst of participating … Read more

BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES: On Vacation But Same Old Tamar (VIDEOS)

BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES transports everyone to Jamaica for a holiday, a prescription given to the sisters by mother Evelyn. Does it calm everyone down after group therapy? You be the judge when you check out the first video posted below from this week’s show, “Jamaican Me Crazy”. As the sisters sit at a water view … Read more

BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES Preview: Tamar Thinks She’s God Says Towanda (VIDEOS)

BRAXTON FAMILY VALUES heads to group therapy tonight on show #2 of the new season, “Sisters on the Verge”. Towanda points to Tamar as the major source of her issues. The ladies are attempting to record a family album and their inability to get along is about to derail that effort. The therapist can’t seem … Read more