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BREAKING POINT: Investigation Discovery Series Providing Forum for Addicts & Families to Get Help

Fans of Investigation Discovery have found another winner in true life crime series BREAKING POINT, a new show from “Intervention” creator Sam Mettler, hosted by criminal defense attorney and certified intervention professional Darren Kavinoky. Families across the nation have been responding to the stories they have been seeing on BREAKING POINT, many of them feeling … Read more

Breaking Point host Darren Kavinoky

BREAKING POINT: Call Girl Sarah Hides a Criminal Lifestyle from Her Boyfriend

Tonight, an all-new episode of Investigation Discovery series BREAKING POINT features the intervention of a call girl with a secret life and a growing rap sheet. Will she choose to go into treatment, or roll the dice with a chance of having to face time behind bars? BREAKING POINT features stories of lost souls, who … Read more

Breaking Point host Darren Kavinoky

BREAKING POINT: Intervention Offers Choice of Treatment, Prison Time Tonight on Series Premiere (Video)

Families across the nation are on the brink of destruction as their lives have been hijacked by a criminal loved one; tonight is their BREAKING POINT on Investigation Discovery. From Sam Mettler, the creator and executive producer of the long-running series “Intervention,” this groundbreaking reality series features subjects who believe they are participating in a … Read more