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CEDAR COVE: Will Jack Throw Jeri to the Wolves to Accept Offer for Her Job? (Video Preview)

Tonight on Hallmark Channel, hit series and fan-favorite CEDAR COVE continues, and having had a few interesting twists at the annual baseball game, some changes may be coming to the town. Jack (Dylan Neal) and Olivia (Andie MacDowell) resolve to spend more time together while Olivia makes sure to set Liz (Emily Holmes) straight about … Read more

Cedar Cove. Colin Ferguson, Andie MacDowell, Dylan Neal. Hallmark Channel.

CEDAR COVE: Is a Friendly Game of Baseball Just What This Town Needs? (Video)

Tonight on Hallmark Channel’s hit series CEDAR COVE, the town is releasing a little steam in the annual baseball game for charity. But, unfortunately, some of the problems facing citizens of Cedar Cove cannot be wiped clean with a friendly matchup between competitors. Last week, Olivia and Jack were faced with the question, “Can men … Read more

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CEDAR COVE: Will Civil War Bring Olivia New Clarity on All of the Men in Her Life Tonight? (Video)

It’s another week on Hallmark Channel’s hit series CEDAR COVE, and fans are finding that Olivia has found a good friend in the new D.A., Paul. But, has she found more than she realizes at the moment? Last week, the age-old question came up in Cedar Cove: Can men and women really be “just friends?” … Read more

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CEDAR COVE Video Preview: Will Jack Lose Olivia’s Trust for Good Tonight?

After everything that has happened between Jack and Olivia on Hallmark Channel’s hit series CEDAR COVE, and the impassioned pleas he has made for her forgiveness, is Jack actually giving Olivia more reasons not to trust him tonight? This week, Olivia (Andie MacDowell) finds herself still struggling to trust Jack (Dylan Neal). After everything, she just … Read more

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CEDAR COVE: Olivia May Get More Space From Jack Than She Intended Tonight (Video)

Tonight on Hallmark Channel’s hit Original Series CEDAR COVE, space may be what Olivia thinks she needs. But, as they say: Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. In all-new episode, “Something’s Gotta Give,” Jack and Olivia are dealing with the uncertain future of their relationship. And, a difficult divorce case … Read more