Celebrity Wife Swap, Verne Troyer, HInes Ward

CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP: Worlds of Verne Troyer, Hines Ward Turned Upside Down Tonight!

UPDATED: Recap the Swap! Tonight, CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP continues on ABC, with actor Verne Troyer and Hines Ward featured on this week’s all-new episode. Fans will likely know Verne Troyer for his role as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movie franchise. He resides in Los Angeles, CA with his girlfriend Brittney and her son Tyson … Read more

Celebrity Wife Swap, Jackee Harry, Traci Lords

CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP: Jackee Harry, Traci Lords Return to Bubbles, No Hard Feelings

Can you imagine switching lives with your neighbor? Well, on CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP, relationships are put to the test when two, yes, celebrity wives swap lives, first checking out how the other family lives, then making changes of their own. On the Season Premiere, Jackee Harry swapped lives with Traci Lords. Jackee is, as they … Read more


CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP Kicks Off New Season with Jackee Harry, Traci Lords!

UPDATED:  Recap the Swap! Season Four of ABC hit series CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP returns in May and, in addition to a bevy of stars all season long, the show will feature actress Jackee Harry making a swap with pop icon Traci Lords in the Season Premiere. Emmy-Award Winning Actress Jackee Harry, best known for roles … Read more