‘Cutting It In The ATL’: Does Dedra Have Mommy Issues? Maja, Amateur Shrink Thinks So (VIDEO)

“Cutting It In The ATL” engages in some psychological reasoning when the ladies try to pinpoint just what makes Dedra the way she is. In “From Truce to Turnt Up” there is a meeting at which Maja, Beautii and Mushiya dissect Dedra’s behavior and her trigger points. It’s always fun to see how the alliances … Read more

‘Cutting It: In the ATL’ Season 2: Dedra Makes New Enemy, Who’s Ready To Bring It (VIDEO)

“Cutting It: In the ATL” Season 2 has been a string of incidents filled with rage, vengeance and bad behavior, but that’s not surprising. When WE tv added Pat to the mix, it got more combustible, because it’s an all-out vendetta against Maja. Yes, Maja who touted herself as the originator of the affordable Walk-In … Read more

Beautii and Mushiya on "Cutting It: In the ATL" on WE tv

‘Cutting It: In The ATL’ Season 2: LaKenya Crawls Back To Maja With a Brunch Invitation (VIDEO)

“Cutting It: In the ATL” Season 2 reintroduced us to the ladies of hair style in Atlanta already in the midst of business and personal wars. In its inaugural season on WE tv the show gave us background on the state of their businesses, adding LaKenya to the list of entrepreneurs who rose from assistant … Read more

Maja Sly on "Cutting It: In the ATL

‘Cutting It: In The ATL” Season 2: It’s All About Maja (VIDEO Preview)

“Cutting It: In the ATL” returns tonight, with “The New Sheriff In Town”, after an explosive and revealing season 2 premiere. It looks like the entrepreneurs of the Atlanta hair scene are about to hit a new high of hate and jealousy. For women who are trying to build their businesses and innovate, they sure … Read more

Recap CUTTING IT: IN THE ATL Season Finale, Mushiya’s Runway Curls NOT a Big Hit

Those ladies of the Atlanta hair scene are having yet another party, and it appears difficult for the lady of the evening to be happy. Tonight on CUTTING IT: IN THE ATL, LaKenya celebrates her own salon and issues her personal declaration of independence. She’s nobody’s girl anymore and all decisions she makes are for … Read more