Season Premiere of DEADLIEST CATCH: Will ‘Captain Josh’ Make It on Cornelia Marie?

When the 10th season of DEADLIEST CATCH begins on Discovery Channel this Tuesday, fans will be surprised at how much has changed on the Bering Sea as the young guns begin to assert themselves and new deckhands come aboard to begin (maybe) building their own lives—and legacies—on the water. This season will be a momentous … Read more

Mandy Hansen Joins Crew of F/V Northwestern on DEADLIEST CATCH, but Is She Welcome?

It may be hard for fans to believe, but DEADLIEST CATCH is returning this month for its 10th season on the Discovery Channel—but could the government bring an end to legacies, both old and new? Josh Harris hopes to begin creating his legacy this season, and a suitable tribute to his father, the late Captain … Read more

Deadliest Catch: Jake, Josh’s Futures Cloudy but Two Brothers Triumphant

Lots of info on the Deadliest Catch season finale last night. Not the least of the announcements was the resignation of deckhand Mike Fourtner, soon-to-be dad of twins. “I want to be ‘Mike, the good husband’ and ‘Mike, the good dad,’ not ‘Mike from the Time Bandit.” After 15 years on deck at an amazingly … Read more

Deadliest Catch: Sig Ready to Hang Up the Northwestern?

“Yes, I’m okay, now.” Sometimes when you finally get what you want, you’re not so sure you want it any longer. “I don’t know if it’s this season or just being here for this many years, but I’m just tired of this season.” With that, Sig did something on the Northwestern last night that Deadliest … Read more