DROP DEAD DIVA Finale Preview: No Cases and More Jane, Please?

DROP DEAD DIVA is expected to wrap up its stories about Jane, Grayson, “new” Grayson, Stacy, Teri, Owen, Kim and angel Paul tonight. All that in 40+ minutes on Lifetime in an episode titled, “It Had To Be You.” The video clip posted below provides nothing in the way of hints as to how we … Read more

DROP DEAD DIVA Finale: Double Wedding or Heartbreak for Jane, Ian, Grayson?

DROP DEAD DIVA’s penultimate episode titled “Hero” had two large surprises for fans of Jane and Grayson. The law firm of Harrison & Parker will be without Jane Bingum in the future and Grayson loves being in the body of ex-con Ian Holt. After finale: Recap what could have been and wasn’t Ian/Grayson’s gangsta’ streak … Read more