DUAL SURVIVAL Fans Want to Know: Who is Matt Graham? (Video)

UPDATED: Happy Matt a great foil for Combative Joe Cody Lundin recently wrote on his Facebook page that he had been replaced by DUDE, YOU’RE SCREWED cast member Matt Graham. Fans of DUAL SURVIVAL are not pleased, and many are threatening to walk away from the show for good. So, who is Matt Graham? First of … Read more

Will DUAL SURVIVAL Fans Give Cody Lundin’s Replacement a Chance?

UPDATED:  Did Matt ‘AtlAtl’ Graham Breathe New Life into a Stale Duo? Watching the Season Premiere of DUAL SURVIVAL last night, I kept thinking about how this was the beginning of the end for Cody Lundin on the show. Both Discovery and Lundin have indicated that the survival star will not finish the season—although Discovery’s … Read more

DUAL SURVIVAL Star Cody Lundin Not Happy with Discovery Channel Following Firing (Video)

UPDATED: Happy Matt a great foil for Combative Joe As fans already know, this will be the last season for one of the DUAL SURVIVAL duo, and from his Facebook postings, it looks like it will be Cody Lundin who does not make it all the way through. Lundin has made it clear that he is … Read more

Which DUAL SURVIVAL-ist Has Enough & Goes Home for Good This Season?

UPDATED:  Cody Lundin posts on Facebook about his unhappiness with Discovery Channel after being fired from DUAL SURVIVAL. Joseph Teti and Cody Lundin return this month to Discovery Channel for a new season of the hit survival series DUAL SURVIVAL–but for how long? As fans know, you do not get more opposite than Cody and … Read more