DUAL SURVIVAL, Discovery Channel. Jeff Zausch, EJ Snyder.

‘Dual Survival’: Discovery Announces New Hosts; Will Fans Buy ‘Naked and Afraid’ Duo EJ Snyder & Jeff Zausch?

UPDATED: EJ & Jeff gracious and likeable, but just not finding the connection with fans, yet? Read more and give us your thoughts here on TVRuckus! This season on Discovery Channel series “Dual Survival,” fans found a pairing they liked: U.S. Army Green Beret Weapons Sergeant Grady Powell and Josh “The Kiwi Bushman” James, an … Read more

‘Dual Survival’: Josh James Hints a Rotating Host Schedule May Become the Norm for Future Seasons

UPDATED: Discovery Announces New Hosts; Is Rotating Schedule Off-the-Table? Read more here on TVRuckus! This has been an unusual season for Discovery Channel hit series “Dual Survival.” Not only did the show get new hosts–that are finally working together as a team after too much time with hosts that just did not click–but it has … Read more

DUAL SURVIVAL, Discovery Channel. Bo and Grady.

‘Dual Survival’: Bo & Grady Team Up for a Military Operation Gone Awry Tonight!

Tonight fans can look forward to an all-new episode of “Dual Survival” on Discovery Channel. Once again, military vets Grady Powell and Bo McGlone will be teaming up, but this time, they will be playing out a military operation gone awry. Fans of “Dual Survival” seem to have taken to the new pairing of former … Read more

DUAL SURVIVAL, Discovery Channel

‘Dual Survival’ Goes All-Military Tonight When Grady Partners with Air Force Vet Bo McGlone

UPDATED: “Dual Survival” continues with Episode 2 of this 2-episode pairing with Grady Powell and Bo McGlone; we have the preview! Tonight on Discovery Channel, former Green Beret Grady Powell teams up with Air Force veteran Bo McGlone, in an all-new episode of “Dual Survival.” This season has been a good experience, thus far, with … Read more

DUAL SURVIVAL, Discovery Channel. Josh "The Kiwi Bushman" James

‘Dual Survival’ Showcases Filthiness of Ocean Waters; Hopefully No Similar Issues Tonight in Peruvian Andes?

Tonight on Discovery Channel’s revitalized hit series “Dual Survival,” the duo of Grady and Josh are in the Peruvian Andes, and have some harrowing physical problems along with the altitude. Last week, the duo was stranded on a deserted island in the South China Sea. Fans will recall, on episode “Burning Island”: Shipwrecked on an … Read more