Jeremy Keller of McCarthy, Alaska on "Edge of Alaska" season 2

‘Edge of Alaska’ Season 2 Finale Exclusive: The Mine Opens, Tim Mischel’s Special Welcome (VIDEO)

“Edge of Alaska” concludes season 2 with an episode titled, “No Surrender”, bringing us back to what has occurred in the town of McCarthy, Alaska. A beloved figure, Tim Mischel has returned and developer Neil Darish has finally realized his dream to open the Mother Lode mine to the public. EXCLUSIVE sneak peek posted below. … Read more

Tim Mischel on Discovery's "Edge of Alaska"

‘Edge Of Alaska’ EXCLUSIVE: Tim Mischel Gets His Plane Ride Home to McCarthy (VIDEO)

“Edge of Alaska” has a special episode on tap, and it’s named for the man who had to leave McCarthy, Alaska, spend more than a year away to survive then recover from a serious heart attack. Yes, it’s the “Old Man of the Mountain”, Tim Mischel.  Catch preview of season 2 finale: Mine finally opens. … Read more

‘Edge of Alaska’ EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek: Tim Mischel’s Homecoming To McCarthy (VIDEO)

“Edge of Alaska” presents “The Cave In”, Sunday November 21, the fifth episode in the second season of the series on Discovery. There’s plenty of “edge” in this installment because Neil Darish begins his first Mother Lode tour. The people of McCarthy had failed to keep the project from proceeding, but you couldn’t blame Jeremy. … Read more

‘Alaska: The Last Frontier Season 6 Ep. 3: How Did Jane and Eve Get Stuck Out At Sea? (VIDEO)

“Alaska: The Last Frontier” continues its season tonight on Discovery with “Fish Caught, Engine Dead”, which sounds like a glass half-empty, or if you are inclined to be a positive sort, glass half-full situation. When we last left the Kilchers only Atz and Atz Lee were not laboring to restore the homestead after the damage … Read more

‘Edge of Alaska’ Season Two Preview: Neil’s Backer Arrives, Jeremy Forms Unlikely Alliance (VIDEO)

“Edge of Alaska” returns Sunday night October 23rd for its highly anticipated season two, taking a unique look at one of America’s last frontier towns. It’s McCarthy, Alaska population 42, which has a big fight on its hands. One resident sees the opportunity to make it into a tourist attraction, changing it forever. Resident and businessman … Read more