EDGE OF ALASKA Recap: Tim Mischel Falls Ill & Jeremy Organizes a Roadblock

Last night on the Season Finale of EDGE OF ALASKA, Neil pushed his neighbors to the limit–and then pushed right on around them. Fans of EDGE OF ALASKA were on the edge of their seats at home last night, no doubt, waiting to see if Neil was able to get funding to go ahead with … Read more

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EDGE OF ALASKA: Exclusive Sneak Peek Video Preview of Tonight’s Season Finale!

UPDATED: Recap the Season Finale! In the Season Finale of EDGE OF ALASKA on Discovery Channel, Neil Darish goes forward with his plans of bringing new tourists to the town via a mine tour, but tonight he may surprise residents with projects he has yet to reveal–and not in a good way. McCarthy residents have … Read more

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Exclusive EDGE OF ALASKA Video Sneak Peek: Has Jeremy Become Too Extreme?

Fans of Discovery Channel hit series EDGE OF ALASKA have been watching closely this season to find out just how Neil Darish’s attempt to raise tourism in McCarthy, AK, turns out this season. And, from the beginning, many have supported resident Jeremy Keller’s feeling that Neil is going too far. But, is Jeremy pushing his … Read more

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EDGE OF ALASKA: Tim Mischel Adapting to Life in Town, Embracing Change (Video)

Tonight McCarthy, AK, residents continue looking toward the future–and wondering if there will be a town as they now know it–as Neil keeps looking for the entrance to the Mother Lode mine. Fans of the show have watched as Neil, the town’s wealthiest landowner, has exerted his will over the residents, and many are beginning … Read more

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EDGE OF ALASKA: Is Neil’s Dream for the Kennecott Mines a ‘Motherlode’ or Money Pit?

Last night on Discovery Channel series EDGE OF ALASKA, Neil Darish called a town meeting in McCarthy to discuss his “Motherlode” project: Reopening the Kennecott mines to tourists. It seemed a bit far-fetched that McCarthy residents were hearing about Neil’s intentions for the first time–we’ve all known about them since the show started, after all–but, … Read more