Jason, Edge of Alaska

EDGE OF ALASKA Exclusive Video: Jason Offers Unique Advice For Dealing with Awakening Bears!

Tonight, the bears are on the hunt for food on fan-favorite Discovery series, EDGE OF ALASKA! There are things about Alaska that one just has to accept if he wants to live there. It gets cold. It can be a little isolating at times. You’re probably going to be introduced to an outhouse at some … Read more

Joe Schneier, Executive Producer, EDGE OF ALASKA

‘McCarthy is Fascinating!’ Says EDGE OF ALASKA Executive Producer Joe Schneier (Exclusive Video Preview)

EDGE OF ALASKA is new on Discovery this season and yet another show that is quickly becoming a fan-favorite. With a unique storyline and truly one-of-a-kind personalities, filming McCarthy, AK, was something Executive Producer Joe Schneier had to give a try when the opportunity was brought to his attention. He recently sat down with Mechele … Read more


EDGE OF ALASKA Exclusive Video Preview: Meet Tim Mischel, Old Man of the Mountain

For those living in the frozen north, the most dangerous and unpredictable time of the year can actually be when the season begins to change from winter to spring, and the ground begins to thaw. Tonight on EDGE OF ALASKA, fans will see a good example of just that phenomenon. Tim Mischel is the “old-timer” … Read more