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Reality Alaska Style: Our Top 10 Favorite Shows from the Frozen North in 2014

There are a couple of trends in television right now that do not seem to be on their way out anytime soon. The first is, of course, reality television. For all of the complaining people do about it, the viewer demand for it is high, so it certainly will not be going anywhere in 2015. … Read more

ESCAPING ALASKA Preview: Uh Oh, Where’s Frank? (VIDEO)

One of the group does some escaping of his own on the new ESCAPING ALASKA, titled “One Eskimo Down & Four Surf It Up”. Frank is under too much pressure from home to stay and his time in San Diego ends. During the last episode Frank had gotten himself a job to earn some money … Read more

ESCAPING ALASKA Moves to Thursday on TLC (VIDEO)

ESCAPING ALASKA is moving to its new day and time beginning today Thursday August 21 at 11 p.m. ET/PT on TLC. The network chose to switch the show from its original Sunday night air time. To accommodate new viewers, TLC will broadcast the new reality TV series ESCAPING ALASKA from the first episode of the … Read more

Exclusive Interview: ‘Q’ of ESCAPING ALASKA Opens Up, For Real

If you wondered how you’d get into TLC’s latest reality TV show, ESCAPING ALASKA, Qituvituaq “Q” made it easy to pay attention. Q was generous enough to give TVRuckus some time for an interview, during which he spoke about a variety of things, including the reason he joined the cast. Q is plain spoken. He … Read more

ESCAPING ALASKA Recap: Tamara Holds On To Dream, Despite Abuse

ESCAPING ALASKA got serious with Q scaring the ladies and being unnecessarily cruel to Nuala, while Tamara was treated shamefully by a nasty casting director during “Hostile Hostel and Hollywood Bound”. Q’s acting out made Tamara and especially Nuala realize that he would not have their back during their time in California,but something else happened … Read more