Preview ESCAPING ALASKA: Video of Q Blaming Nuala for ‘Negative Energy’

ESCAPING ALASKA is all new Sunday night and a rift develops in the group transplanted to San Diego, specifically between Q and Nuala. This isn’t a mere misunderstanding or small disagreement. Q calls the cops on Nuala and is unapologetic about it when they arrive on the scene. Check out the video clip posted below. … Read more

ESCAPING ALASKA Preview: Mardi Gras Brings Mixed Emotions (VIDEO)

ESCAPING ALASKA is new Sunday night as the young native Alaskans who chose to leave home for San Diego and explore life outside their small villages attend their first street party. It’s Mardi Gras time in So Cal and reactions to the festivities are mixed. The group of five,┬áMary, Frank, Tamara, Qituvituaq (also known as … Read more

ESCAPING ALASKA Debuts, Alaskan Natives Try San Diego For A Change (VIDEO)

ESCAPING ALASKA debuts this weekend on TLC and the show’s premise is not difficult to figure out from the title of the show. Five young people from Alaska decide to leave their homes and try something different in San Diego, California. If this sounds familiar, you are correct. Last year the network aired ALASKAN WOMEN … Read more