Team on "Escaping Polygamy"

EXCLUSIVE: Plan To Spring Warren Jeffs’ Son From FLDS on ‘Escaping Polygamy’

RECAP posted below! “Escaping Polygamy” presents the story you thought you might never see. The team gets contacted by Raymond Jeffs, son of Warren Jeffs, the incarcerated leader of the FLDS sect. The young man asks that Jessica, Andrea and Shannel make contact with his brother Isaac who remained behind when Raymond fled the polygamous … Read more

The ladies of "Escaping Polygamy", new season on A&E

‘Escaping Polygamy’ EXCLUSIVE: Part 2 Of Rescuing Suzette’s Daughters from FLDS (VIDEO)

“Escaping Polygamy” continues tonight on A&E at 10 p.m. et/pt with the second part of “Give Me Back My Daughters”. The drama begins early after the team helped an anguished mom, Suzette, locate at least one of her older daughters still living in a “house of hiding” with the FLDS. Susie Mae was found after … Read more

Jennifer, Andrea and Jessica look through old photos and talk about being raised in a polygamist cult on "Escaping Polygamy"

‘Escaping Polygamy’ EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek: Remorseful Mom Fears For Daughters Left Behind (VIDEO)

Update: recap after episode posted below! ‘Escaping Polygamy’ is all new tonight, Monday August 14 on A&E, with yet another story of making a choice to break with a polygamist sect. In last week’s season premiere, we saw a first for the show. A man, his two wives and their eight children were all helped to … Read more

Jessica and Shannel Skype with Andrea on season 3 "Escaping Polygamy"

‘Escaping Polygamy’ Recap: Lives Endangered as Jesse, Two Wives and Kids Escape from the AUB

Update: Exclusive sneak of Mom desperate to rescue daughters left behind “Escaping Polygamy” tackled a tough case during the season 3 premiere. This was the first time that Jessica and Andrea were being asked to advise and help a member outside The Order, the cult/religion they escaped from. Jesse of the Apostolic United Brethren presented … Read more

Jessica helps Jennifer escape before her mom discovers her gone on "Escaping Polygamy"

‘Escaping Polygamy’ Returns With Powerful Third Season, Preview Of What To Expect

“Escaping Polygamy”, the original A&E docuseries returns Monday night August 7 at 10 p.m. The show follows sisters Andrea, Jessica and Shanell in their post-polygamy life. To leave they had to escape and since then have devoted their lives to helping others do the same. We’re talking about the Kingston Clan, i.e. The Order, but … Read more