Shawn Ellington (Murder Nova, Justin Shearer (Big Chief) and Tyler Priddy (Flip) get ready to play a practical joke on "Street Outlaws"

Deleted Scenes from Mega Race, Tonight on ‘Street Outlaws’ (VIDEO)

“Street Outlaws” has a treat in store. Monday night April 3 on Discovery, get ready for extra scenes from the Mega Race. According to the network, they include Farmtruck and AZN racing Sammy Maloof and his daughter Hot Rod Hannah. But first, let’s get to some of the best scenes of the Mega Race drag race … Read more

Mega Race on Discovery. Fast N' Loud vs. Street Outlaws, Monday March 27

Mega Race Preview: Don’t Forget To Vote, Rawlings & Kaufman vs. AZN, Farmtruck & Big Chief (Sneak Peek)

UPDATED: deleted scenes from Mega Race, tonight on “Street Outlaws” We’re 24 hours and counting from the Mega Race. The “Fast N’ Loud” crew vs. “Street Outlaws” in what’s called the ultimate street race. It certainly is the ultimate in throwing challenges at each other and testosterone levels are off the charts. Who started this … Read more

Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman on "Fast N' Loud"

‘Fast N’ Loud’ EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek: Watch Dean ‘Karnage’ Kearney Burn Up the Garage (VIDEO)

“Fast N’ Loud” is all new tonight on Discovery, so get ready to slide right into another macho Gas Money Garage bet. You’ve got to have the wallet to back this stuff up so it’s unsurprising that the bettors are Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman. In the episode titled “La Casa Del Camino”, it’s Aaron … Read more

Richard Rawlings, owner of Gas Monkey Garage on "Fast N' Loud" on Discovery

‘Fast N’ Loud’: Richard Rawlings Has A Million Dollars On the Line at Barrett-Jackson (VIDEO)

Update: Watch Formula Drift racer Dean “Karnage” Kearney make garage parking lot disappear in clouds of burning rubber There’s one million dollars worth of vehicles in Richard Rawlings’ Gas Monkey Garage. All are ready to be showcased and hopefully sold, at Barrett-Jackson. That’s a large portion of tonight’s episode 2 of the eighth “Fast N’ … Read more

Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman of "Fast N' Loud" on Discovery

‘Fast N’ Loud’ Season Premiere: EXCLUSIVE Look at ’55 Chevy For Sale..Sweet! (VIDEO)

“Fast N’ Loud” returns to Discovery with all new episodes, Monday January 16, soon after the news broke that Aaron Kaufman would be leaving the show. Richard Rawlings and Aaron have stood shoulder-to-shoulder at the Gas Monkey Garage for dozens of episodes, and there’s more to go. The network is promoting it by saying, “It’s … Read more