Parker Schnable in "Gold Rush" Season 7

‘Gold Rush’ Season 8 Premiere: Parker’s Ego Takes Massive Hit From Tony and Todd Hoffman

“Gold Rush” season 8 began in a bizarre way. In a one-hour special aired live on Discovery Channel, the profanity monitor played a big role. We were introduced to a woman whose only job was to hit the delay button so that offensive words spoken by Todd Hoffman, Parker Schnable, and particularly Tony Beets wouldn’t … Read more

Parker Schnable in "Gold Rush: Parker's Trail"

Finale of ‘Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail’ Exposes Tension in Final Push (VIDEO)

“Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail” wraps up its run with a two-hour finale, airing Friday night April 14 on Discovery. The episode is titled “Hypothermia” and with good reason. The weather has become increasing difficult and cold. Ice has formed on the rivers and lakes that lead to the foursome’s ultimate destination. Dawson City in the … Read more

Parker Schnable in "Gold Rush: Parker's Trail" at Dyea Flats

‘Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail’ Ep. 2 Preview: Parker Won’t Listen To Danger Warning (VIDEO)

In episode two of the special, limited series “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail”, Parker Schnable and three friends wonder if they’ll ever reach their destination before the winter freeze makes it impossible. In “Racing the Freeze”, we catch  up with him, crew foreman Rick Ness, filmmaker James Levelle and wildlife guide Kara Ann inching along on the … Read more

James Levelle, Karla Ann, Parker Schnable, Rick Ness on "Parker's Trail"

‘Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail’ Part I Recap: Four Days In It Almost Ended

UPDATE: Sneak peek of episode 2, Parker pushes danger envelope “Are we going anywhere?” was the question of the night during the premiere of “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail”. It came as the four hikers began the part of their journey that required boats. On day three, their canoes headed north on Bennett Lake with a … Read more

Parker Schnable in "Gold Rush: Parker's Trail"

‘Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail’ Premiere: Where’s He Going and Why? (SNEAK PEEK)

UPDATED with sneak peek of episode 2. Parker vs. Kara Ann over safety “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail” begins Friday, March 31 on Discovery. It’s a series that pushes Parker Schnable’s limits, this time without money-making as the ultimate measure of success. Survival trumps income on this trip, that mimics the 19th century prospectors’ 600 mile … Read more