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‘Gold Rush’ Season Finale: The Final Hoffman Crew Dysfunction, Just Because! (SNEAK PEEK)

The long season comes to an end tonight on Discovery. In the “Gold Rush” finale, “Final Fury” the crews are still laboring late into their “summer” season as the Yukon River begins to freeze and icicles hang from the heavy machinery on the claim sites. If you don’t believe me, check out the sneak peek … Read more

GOLD RUSH, Discovery Channel. Season 7. Todd Hoffman.

‘Gold Rush’ Season 7: Todd Hoffman Celebrated Too Soon in Colorado, Uh Oh! (VIDEO)

“Gold Rush” is all new Friday February 17, and if you thought Todd Hoffman was out of the woods with his two Colorado operations, you’d be wrong. After the best cleanup they could have hoped for at Fairplay as well as Sacramento Creek, putting them on target for the lowered season goal, nature is about … Read more

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‘Gold Rush’ Preview: Parker Schnable Calls In Family To Save the Season (VIDEO)

“Gold Rush” continues this long, and sometimes cruel summer season of mining for Parker Schnable, Todd Hoffman and Tony Beets. In the next episode airing on Discovery, Friday at 9 p.m. ET/PT, appropriately titled “Cruelest Cut”, Parker calls for reinforcements. We began this latest season by seeing Parker show up with a new girlfriend from … Read more

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‘Gold Rush’ Season 7: Can Todd Hoffman Get Old Crew To Colorado? (VIDEO)

Update: Parker Schnable misses grandpa John, who’s there to help save season? With Parker Schnable managing a second digging site on “Gold Rush” and Todd Hoffman’s last gasp of the season bearing fruit, it’s up to Tony Beets to make lemonade out of lemons. That would be to continue to mine copious amounts of gold … Read more