James Denton, Sam Radford on Hallmark Channel's "Good Witch" Season 3, "Not Getting Married Today, Part 2"

RECAP ‘Good Witch’ Season 3 Finale: Cassie Let Go of Magic To Get Her Happy Ending (VIDEO)

“Good Witch” ended season 3 with the happy ending we all hoped for, but had somehow wondered about. “Not Getting Married Today, Part 2” did end with a wedding. After telling their respective mothers to cut out all the big plans, and calling off the ceremony two days prior to the occasion, Michael and Vanessa … Read more

James Denton as Sam on "Good Witch" season 3. Episode titled "Not Getting Married Today", Part 1

‘Good Witch’ Season 3 EXCLUSIVE: Who’s NOT Getting Married Today? (SNEAK PEEK)

Updated: Part 2 recap: Cassie had to let go of magic to get happy ending.  “Good Witch” presents, “I’m Not Getting Married Today” Part 1, Sunday night June 25 on Hallmark Channel. Who’s supposed to get married? It’s Michael, son of Middleton Mayor Martha Tinsdale, and if you think she’s usually a bit over-the-top, strap … Read more

Sarah Power as Abigail on "Good Witch"

‘Good Witch’ Season 3: Unhappy Ending For Abigail, Sam and Cassie As Predicted In Painting?

Updated: EXCLUSIVE preview of next episode. Who’s NOT getting married?  “Good Witch” Season 3 has two more episodes left, and at the conclusion of the most recent show, “Somewhat Surprising”, there were signs that Cassie, as well as Abigail, may be in for unsettling changes. Things feel out of sorts, and not in a good … Read more

Catherine Bell and James Denton as Cassie and Sam, Season 3 "Good Witch" on Hallmark Channel

‘Good Witch’ Season 3 Preview: Will Sam Show Up For His Own Party?

Updated: Recap with big question – was painting correct, predicting trouble in Middleton? “Good Witch” is all new June 18 on Hallmark Channel and both surprises and memories pop up everywhere in Middleton. In the episode “Somewhat Surprising”, Sam and Abigail are reminded of their past and it affects them in very different ways First, … Read more

Bailee Madison, Rhys Bond on "In Sickness and in Health", episode of "Good Witch" on Hallmark Channel

‘Good Witch’: Cassie Helps Artist Predict Future (VIDEO)

Updated: Did latest episode demonstrate trouble is brewing as painting predicted? Tonight on Hallmark Channel’s “Good Witch” there’s more than magic in the air at Grey House. In the episode, “In Sickness and in Health”, a new person shows up, and Cassie helps him with his creative work. RECAP posted below. He’s Harrison Boyd, an … Read more