Catherine Disher, i.e. "Madame Mayor"

GOOD WITCH ‘Madame Mayor’ Catherine Disher Almost Became a Zoologist! (Interview)

Fans of GOOD WITCH have welcomed back all of the actors who “crossed over” from the Hallmark Original Movies franchise to the first season of the series. One of those actors is “Mayor Martha Tinsdale,” Catherine Disher. Recently, “Madame Mayor” answered a few questions for Hallmark Channel. For a long time, Disher said she thought … Read more

Catherine Bell, GOOD WITCH

GOOD WITCH: Cousin Abigail Stirs the Pot; Will Grace’s Lies Make It Boil Over? (Video Preview)

There is always something cookin’ in Middleton—and it’s not always tasty. Tonight, on an all-new episode of Hallmark Channel Original Series GOOD WITCH, Cousin Abigail is stirring the pot—will hidden truths begin floating to the surface? Fans of the hugely popular movie franchise GOOD WITCH are largely giving this first season of the series a … Read more

Rhys Matthew Bond, Good Witch

GOOD WITCH Actor Rhys Matthew Bond: New to TV, but Learning Fast On-Set (Interview)

Hallmark Channel Original Series GOOD WITCH made some changes when it moved from movies to weekly series, including bringing on some new characters. One of the new actors on the set is Rhys Matthew Bond (Nick Radford). Many viewers may be unfamiliar with Rhys, who is new to television, period. So, recently, the teen sat … Read more

Catherine Bell, James Denton, GOOD WITCH

GOOD WITCH: When Cousin Abigail Returns, Will She Put Dr. Sam Under Her Spell? (Video)

Thus far, the jury is still out on Hallmark Channel’s original series GOOD WITCH, starring Catherine Bell as charming, spellbinding Cassie Nightingale. The movies were an all-out hit with fans, but necessary changes to create the series, from new cast members to the obvious creative license with time and continuity from the movie plots, have … Read more

Noah Cappe, "Police Chief Derek," Good Witch

GOOD WITCH ‘Police Chief Derek,’ Noah Cappe, Says Middleton Is Biggest Star of Series

Recently GOOD WITCH cast member Noah Cappe sat down with Hallmark Channel and chatted about his role as Middleton’s police chief, Derek. He also gave fans a bit of info about his own day-to-day, non-Middleton life. What is the “Good Witch” set like? Hands down, it’s the coolest part of going to series. Through all … Read more