Kevin McKidd, Caterina Scorsone

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Will Amelia’s Brain Tumor Mean Her Marriage Survives?

“Grey’s Anatomy” began its latest season with a two-hour premiere that ended with an Amelia shocker. You know how she’s been acting for, oh, about two seasons- at least since she’s been married to Owen Hunt? The fearful, traumatized Amelia who retreats from loved ones, without allowing a soul to get close and check her … Read more

Grey’s Anatomy Star Selling Home in Hollywood, as Season 14 Premieres (VIDEO)

Yes, it’s season premiere time for “Grey’s Anatomy”. The Shonda Rhimes series kicks off Thursday September 28 on ABC with lots of comings and goings among the cast. There are complications everywhere, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Speaking of comings and goings, here’s a tidbit from Los Angeles real estate news. Grey’s … Read more

Ellen Pompeo, Martin Henderson as Meredith Grey and Nathan Riggs on "Grey's Anatomy" season 13

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Mer and Nathan’s Relationship In Danger With Return of Fiancée?

Okay, “Grey’s Anatomy” ended with a ball of flame engulfing part of Grey Sloan Hospital. That’s the headline if you want to contemplate another character leaving the show in a gruesome way. We all knew Dr. Stephanie Edwards had to go since the announcement that actress Jerrika Hinton was moving on. But if you ignore that … Read more

KERRY WASHINGTON, as Ollivia Pope and GUILLERMO DIAZ as Huck on "Scandal"

TGIT Recap: Abby, Huck Shockers On ‘Scandal’; Meredith Caves To Riggs on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

The latest TGIT gave us progress on both “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy”, although it might not be the kind we like. On Grey’s Amelia and Owen finally had their blowout about her living apart from him, while Riggs broke through Meredith’s defenses. There was also some softening of the Dr. Webber vs. Arizona and Bailey … Read more

Joe Morton as Eli Pope with Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope on "Scandal"

TGIT Recap: Japril’s Back on ‘Grey’s’ and Papa Pope Is Someone’s Bitch on ‘Scandal’

Well, well, well. Catherine Avery did the impossible on the “Grey’s Anatomy” episode, “Who Is He (And What Is He to You)? She moved April and Jackson back into a bed together, and it looks like it’s not just about the sex. While on “Scandal”, the man known as Command is no longer in charge. … Read more