Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn, Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison, "Homeland" Season 6

‘Homeland’ Season 6 Finale: Will Carrie Finally Let Quinn Go? (Sneak Peek)

The season 6 finale of “Homeland” is upon us and in “America First” all major players are consumed in what, if anything, will happen to President-Elect Keane. Those that want her out of the picture might have their shot, literally and figuratively. In the sneak peek clip posted below, we watch the master of his … Read more

Max in "Homeland" season 6 episode 11, "R is for Romeo"

‘Homeland’, In ‘R is for Romeo’ Quinn Connects the Dots, Max Meets Dar (VID

Updated: Sneak peek season 6 finale. Does Quinn sacrifice himself?  “Homeland” has us salivating for the season six finale. In “R is for Romeo”, the two stories of the season intersect, and that isn’t good for all concerned. When we left the characters, Max was about to meet a very, very bad man, Carrie met … Read more

Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison Season 6 "Homeland" on Showtime

‘Homeland’ Preview: Saul Flees, Carrie Testifies, Dar Faces Arrest (VIDEOS)

Updated with RECAP, posted below “Homeland” is set to ride the wave towards the season’s conclusion. On the next episode, “The Flag House”, Quinn’s ready to face off with the man behind the bombing and Astrid’s death. Dar Adal and Saul face prison and if they end up jailed, it will be Carrie who puts … Read more

‘Homeland’ ‘Sock Puppets’ Recap: Quinn vs. Dar Guess Who Won?

Updated: Preview next episode. Has Dar had help all season? “Homeland” returned to what it does best, and that is the spy business. In “Sock Puppets”, in addition to learning what that means in a tech world context, we reached the peak of Dar Adal’s treachery. Thanks to Max, we found out that there is … Read more

Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn on season 6 "Homeland" episode "Sock Puppets"

‘Homeland’: A Sad Video Good-Bye To Astrid, As Quinn Goes Rogue (VIDEO)

Updated with recap of episode 9 “Sock Puppets”. Fake news comes to “Homeland”. “Homeland” season 6 ups the ante on tension in the episode “Sock Puppets”. Last week we watched a life snuffed out and Peter Quinn was responsible. Tonight he goes dark, using the faculties he has left to seek vengeance for Astrid’s death. … Read more