‘House of Lies Season 5: Marty Is Out For Blood, After Skip and Monica’s Dirty Tricks (VIDEO)

If “House of Lies” has taught us one thing about Marty Kaan, it is that he doesn’t take losing well. In fact, it drives him to do more than win. He’s got to destroy whoever thought they could make him lose and that seems to be the plan in “Violent Agreement”. In the closing minutes … Read more

Kristen Bell as Jeannie, in 'Tragedy of the Commons" episode of "House of Lies"

‘House of Lies’ Season 5: Jeannie Questions Everything and TED Talk Fallout for Doug

“House of Lies” is moving towards not only its season finale, but also the end of the series. Will tonight’s episode, “Tragedy of the Commons” offer any insight into how it all wraps up?¬†Showtime announced the news earlier this month and the cast posted their farewells on various social media sites. Did the writers know … Read more

Josh Lawson as Doug Guggenheim in House of Lies (Season 5,

‘House of Lies’ Season 5: Doug’s TED Talk and Ganja Walmart

It’s time for Doug’s TED Talk ¬†on “House of Lies”, but first, everybody must get stoned. Not really, but in tonight’s episode titled, “One-Eighty” Marty and the team head up to Washington to cultivate, if you will, a client in the billion-dollar business of legal marijuana. It’s the legitimate business that has Wall Street and … Read more

Donald Faison, Wanda Sykes and Keegan-Michael Key in "Johari Window" on "House of Lies"

‘House of Lies’ Season 5 ‘Johari Window’: ‘You Do Not Touch a Black Woman’s Hair’ (VIDEO)

“House of Lies” touches on the Rachel Dolezal story, in the latest episode of season five. In “Johari Window” Marty Kaan is convinced that the CEO of a wildly successful hair product company pitched to the African-American community, played by Keegan-Michael Key is lying about his heritage. Marty did not come to that conclusion without … Read more