LONG ISLAND MEDIUM: Behind-the-Scenes Of Theresa Caputo’s Knock & Shock (VIDEO)

The hair, it’s all about the hair, but we already knew that. LONG ISLAND MEDIUM gave us a priceless behind-the-scenes look at what it took to pull off the live Knock and Shock in New Orleans. Theresa Caputo is one of those people who has a difficult time keeping things on the down low. As … Read more

LONG ISLAND MEDIUM: Datoria’s Return, The Power of Spirit and Theresa Caputo

LONG ISLAND MEDIUM is known for feel-good stories and during last night’s episode, “Return to Jail”, we got a follow up on Datoria, a young woman we met last season as she languished in jail, hopeless and without family. Datoria finished her stint in the jail Theresa Caputo visited and met with her to explain … Read more

Theresa Caputo childhood photo

LONG ISLAND MEDIUM: Theresa Caputo’s Secret Soccer Move Revealed

LONG ISLAND MEDIUM aired back-to-back episodes last night on TLC and each had its charms. In one we met Theresa Caputo’s brother and niece and learned about Theresa’s girls’ soccer past. In the other we watched the grief of a firefighter who doubted his deceased son wanted to come through to him. Update: Datoria returned … Read more

Theresa Caputo and Larry Caputo

LONG ISLAND MEDIUM: On the Road in Texas, Larry Caputo Ropes, Dances and Chaffeurs Theresa

LONG ISLAND MEDIUM aired a fan fave last night when Theresa and Larry Caputo went “On The Road” in Texas. When Theresa was misidentified as someone from California by a Texas native, you knew we’d be in for a fun ride. Who is loving the new longer and higher-teased hair on Theresa Caputo this season? … Read more

Victoria Caputo

LONG ISLAND MEDIUM: Dog Training and a Mother-Figure’s Tragic Grief

LONG ISLAND MEDIUM spread the wealth as it usually does in “Dog Eat Dog Summer” between Theresa Caputo’s family life and her readings. This week the Theresa and Larry Caputo 25th anniversary Memory Lane Tour continued and it was a delight. In last night’s show they returned to where they met. Like many couples they … Read more