James Harris, David Parnes, Josh Altman, Josh Flagg, Madison Hildebrand on Season 9, "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles"

Season 9 Finale ‘Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’: Top 5 Moments of the Season (VIDEO)

“Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” concludes season 9 Thursday night December 29 on BravoTV. What have we learned from the episodes and what were the standout moments? We all have our opinions and we’re offering ours. The finale, titled “Best and Final” includes the conclusion of Josh Flagg’s bold moves in Paris. David Parnes and … Read more

Josh Flagg from "Million Dollar Listing LA"

‘Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’ Recap: Josh ‘s Proposal, Madison’s Treachery (VIDEO)

It is rare when Josh Flagg appears nervous, nevermind admits he is, but it was about to be the moment of truth last night on “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles”. In the episode “Co-List From Hell”, Josh sat with his parents in Paris, talking about his upcoming proposal to boyfriend Bobby. ┬áSeason finale: Top 5 … Read more

Madison Hildebrand, "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles"

‘Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: Are You Team Madison Or Team James on Malibu Listing?

“Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” had a testy exchange, a battle of wills between agents on the latest installment, “Surf vs. Turf”. Surprisingly it did not involve Josh Altman. Don’t worry, there were plenty of scenes of Altman gritting his teeth and clashing with Ilan, his client whose house above the Sunset Strip won’t sell … Read more

Josh Flagg from "Million Dollar Listing LA"

‘Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’: Josh Flagg Defends Decision To Propose To Bobby

It’s always a good thing when Madison Hildebrand is featured on “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles”. We don’t see him enough and when we do, it means we’re going to get ocean front vistas and his special way of swallowing his consternation with clients. Last night, in “Turn and Burn”, he had to do that … Read more

‘Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’: Josh Flagg Did ‘Meet The Parents’ With Bobby

“Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” presented “Nightmare on Altman Street”, which turned out to be a misnomer. A home in the Hollywood Hills owned by horror flick master Wes Craven, now deceased, went on the market, but it was a dream listing. For a change, Josh Altman and brother Matt were in the catbird seat. … Read more