‘Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’ Season 9: The “New” Josh Altman Mans Up

“Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles” dealt with emergencies, and it wasn’t all about selling or buying real estate. In “Fuchsia My Life!” we heard Josh Altman attempt to pronounce the word “fuschia”, giving it that “ck” sound, while looking at it. Color swatches for wedding accessories were presented by Heather and Bravo let us be … Read more

‘Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’ Season 9: Josh vs. Josh in the Bird Streets, Who Blinks First?

To kick off its new season on Bravo, “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” gave us two juicy pieces of news. Josh Flagg parted company with Colton after years together, and Madison is back on a regular basis . Nothing better than taking a quick trip to Malibu after slogging through Beverly Hills, Bel Air and … Read more

MILLION DOLLAR LISTING LA Season Finale: Better Story, Altman Wedding or Flagg’s New Home?

MILLION DOLLAR LISTING LA wrapped up its latest season last night with “Making Moves”. We didn’t have to wait long to discover if Heather was pregnant. She wasn’t, but instead of wiping his brow of sweat, Josh Altman got all cutesy, serving Heather breakfast in bed and breaking out his calendar. Should we be clearing … Read more

Heather Bilyeu and Josh Altman, of "Million Dollar Listing LA"

MILLION DOLLAR LISTING LA: Josh Altman Melts After Heather’s News and Flagg’s Proof

In “Tower-ing Inferno” we were promised the ultimate showdown between Josh Altman and Josh Flagg on MILLION DOLLAR LISTING LA. What we got was not so much a showdown as a takedown. The scene was about Flagg calling Altman on supposed devious ways of taking clients, specifically by inflating his sales numbers. It seemed to … Read more

Madison Hildebrand "Million Dollar Listing LA"

MILLION DOLLAR LISTING LA Recap: Madison’s Looking Fine, Flagg vs Altman Again

Who says it never rains in California? Last night on MILLION DOLLAR LISTING LA it did and it threatened to screw up a brokers open house for Heather, Josh and Matt Altman. When you spend $35,000 to stage a penthouse with an outdoor deck/patio as a major selling point, you might be ready to tear … Read more