MILLION DOLLAR LISTING LA: Josh Flagg Dusting Causes Injury…Huh?

Josh Atman and Josh Flagg are in pain tonight on MILLION DOLLAR LISTING: LOS ANGELES, but only one is in a wheelchair. In an episode titled “Real Estate on Wheels”, Josh Flagg finds himself a gold-plated wheelchair to maneuver the mean streets of Beverly Hills. Ever-patient partner Colton wonders how long he will be stuck … Read more


Tonight on MILLION DOLLAR LISTING: LOS ANGELES, Josh Altman’s Broker Open House is a popular place to be, particularly for his rivals. Josh Flagg shows up in his casual best, sweater draped around his neck, along with the new broker team from Great Britain, David Parnes and James Harris. The property was hotly contested as … Read more

MILLION DOLLAR LISTING LA Returns, Josh and Josh vs. The Brits

MILLION DOLLAR LISTING LOS ANGELES returns to Bravo tonight Aug. 20 and there are new sheriffs in town.Who are these guys? David Parnes and James Harris move into the neighborhood, now that Madison Hildebrand is out of the picture. The show is trading that casual Malibu vibe for British style. That’s where Parnes and Harris … Read more