Ryan Serhant after getting listing that Fredrik couldn't sell, on "Million Dollar Listing New York"

‘Million Dollar Listing New York’: Ryan Serhant Feeling Stuck in Millionaire’s Life, What’s Next?

Season six of “Million Dollar Listing New York” got very personal in the most recent episode. Ryan Serhant saw his therapist after struggling to be enthusiastic about his life. The fact that he went again was a pretty big deal. Last season in the run-up to his wedding he finally relented and sought help. So, … Read more

Steve Gold, real estate agent on "Million Dollar Listing New York" season 6

Steve Gold’s Debut on ‘Million Dollar Listing New York’: Thumbs Up or Down?

“Million Dollar Listing New York” came back with its new look. Ryan Serhant has a wooly beard and new guy Steve Gold introduced us to his washboard stomach, his casual dress code and his laid back manner of working with real estate clients. Oh yes, you can’t forget his dog/best friend who lives with him … Read more

‘Ryan’s Wedding’ Part 2: Hell Froze Over, Ryan Serhant Went To Therapy and It Helped

Ryan Serhant went to therapy. Read it again if you must, but on “Ryan and Emilia’s Wedding” Part 2, the “Million Dollar Listing New York” star was willing to do it for the love of his life. With little time to go, the fighting between Ryan and Emilia got worse, even after a brief cease-fire … Read more

‘Million Dollar Listing New York’: Was ‘Ryan’s Wedding’ Part 1 TMI For You?

The special “Million Dollar Listing New York” about the months leading up to Ryan’s wedding to Emilia aired and it was a mixed bag. The overall reaction was colored by going deep into their personal business, which at times bordered on too much information. Going into the bathroom and watching Ryan shower, with the camera … Read more

Ryan Serhant and designer Taylor Spellman at opening of new office in Brooklyn

Interior Designer Taylor Spellman Turned Out Ryan Serhant’s New Office, Gets New Show on Bravo (PHOTOS)

Lots going on in the life of Ryan Serhant this summer of 2016. Besides the wedding in Greece, airing on a special “Million Dollar Listing New York”, Serhant opened a brand new office in Brooklyn, NY, and he turned to¬†frequent collaborator Taylor Spellman, a New York based interior designer and staging¬†expert, to give the Bed-Stuy … Read more