Luis D. Ortiz

‘Million Dollar Listing New York’: Luis D. Ortiz Walks Away, But Does Right By Ronita

Update: season six debuts without Luis, sample it! “Million Dollar Listing New York” pulled a shocker in its season finale. The depressed and anxious Luis Ortiz realized what had been eating at him. As we learned, real estate was his third career, after skate boarding and films. He was ready for a change and that … Read more

Luis Ortiz of "Million Dollar Listing New York"

‘Million Dollar Listing New York’: Luis’ Anxiety, Sadness Kill His Partnership, Counseling Next?

‘Million Dollar Listing New York’ presented its penultimate episode of the season last night on Bravo TV, “Real Men Wear Pink…Tutus” and yes, we got to see Ryan Serhant in that ballerina staple. Serhant and Fredrik Eklund are the masters of staging open houses, including costumes, and makeup. Earlier this season we saw Fredrik transformed … Read more

Ryan Serhant after getting listing that Fredrik couldn't sell, on "Million Dollar Listing New York"

‘Million Dollar Listing New York’: Will Ryan Serhant Bump Fredrik As #1 Broker in NY?

You know the intro to “Million Dollar Listing New York”, when the agents introduce themselves and tell you how fabulous they are? Fredrik claims to be the top producing real estate agent in New York, and yet, something must have changed. Even before the latest episode, “Take a Walker” Ryan has been touting himself as … Read more

Ryan Serhant enters event for Santa Monica beachfront property on "Million Dollar Listing New York"

‘Million Dollar Listing New York’: Ryan Serhant Has Last Laugh, Sexy Ads Sell

“Million Dollar Listing New York” didn’t make us wait very long to learn if Ryan Serhant’s marketing campaign for 100 Ave. A got him fired from the listing or made him king of the world. Well, maybe not the whole world, but certainly New York and to some extent, Los Angeles. In “No Moore Mr. … Read more

Ryan Serhant on Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing New York"

‘Million Dollar Listing New York’: Ryan Serhant Takes Big Risk, Gets Killed on Social Media

“Million Dollar Listing: New York” covered a lot of ground in the episode titled, “A More Modern Family”. It began with more fuss from Fredrik Eklund about his NoHo building sales. It moved into another attempt to have Luis Ortiz and Fredrik work together. Luis had old friends who wanted to buy a place and … Read more