Misfit Garage, '57 Gasser

MISFIT GARAGE: Was the Engine Thomas Built As Bad As Tom Made It Sound?

Last night, the partners at the MISFIT GARAGE made a sale—the infamous ’57 gasser—but it wasn’t quite all they dreamed it would be financially. Still, it may bring the guys the name recognition they were hoping to achieve (well, at least Scot was hoping to achieve). Finishing the build was not easy. Thomas built an … Read more

Misfit Garage, Fallen Tree

MISFIT GARAGE: Richard (Sorta) Fixes Crushed Fired Up ‘World Headquarters’ (Video Sneak Peek)

UPDATED: Was the engine Thomas built really that bad? Last week was a hard one at Fired Up Garage on Discovery Channel’s latest hit series, MISFIT GARAGE. Why are they misfits? After watching last week, if you had any doubts, they were probably cleared up for you. It’s pretty obvious that most of these guys … Read more

Misfit Garage, Discovery Channel

MISFIT GARAGE: Scot Destroys Team Trust to Build ’57 Gasser for Fired Up

The partners at Fired Up Garage on Discovery Channel’s new Motor Mondays series MISFIT GARAGE are united by one thing:  Bad associations with Gas Monkey Garage owner Richard Rawlings. If they are going to go forward as a business, they are going to have to come up with a more lasting bond than that, however, … Read more

Misfit Garage, Discovery Channel

MISFIT GARAGE Video Preview Exclusive: Does Fired Up Out-Flip Richard Tonight?

  UPDATED: Exclusive TVRuckus interview with Richard & Aaron! Discovery Channel has a new hit on its hands with MISFIT GARAGE, the spin-off from the popular series, “Fast N’ Loud.” Making up Discovery’s “Motor Mondays,” the shows feature Gas Monkey Garage owner Richard Rawlings and former employees and business contacts who have something to prove. … Read more

Tom Smith, Jordan Butler, MISFIT GARAGE

MISFIT GARAGE: Tom & Jordan’s Questionable Work Ethics May Sink Fired Up

UPDATED 08-22-16: Preview the 2-hour Season Finale of “Misfit Garage”; we have a video sneak peek! Fans of the new Discovery Channel series MISFIT GARAGE got a reminder last night of just why Richard Rawlings fired Tom Smith and Jordan Butler from Gas Monkey Garage. And, Fired Up Garage partners Thomas Weeks and Scot McMillan … Read more